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4th Year Podiatry Student Clerkship/Externship Program


Fourth-year students are invited for a 1 month clinical rotation to further advance their knowledge in podiatric surgery and operating room protocol. Positions are available June through May each academic year. We have 1 position available per month; we do not accept externs in July. 

The student works directly with the podiatric surgical residents and staff attendings in the hospital inpatient setting, office rotations and operating room.  The student is expected to participate in diagnostic workup of patients in the inpatient setting as well as participate in the management of the intra-operative and post-operative care of these patients.  The student is responsible for assisting the surgical team and will be allowed to have actual participation in operations.  The student will have the opportunity to demonstrate manual dexterity skills, overall comprehensive knowledge of podiatric trauma, disease states and complications.  The student may assist in the management of the post-operative care of patients and write daily progress notes as well as appropriate physician orders which are to be countersigned by a resident and/or faculty physician. 


Health Sciences Library:  You have 24 hour access 7 days per week to the IMMC Health Sciences Library.  You will need your picture ID for after-hours entry. You may call the Health Sciences librarians for assistance at 515-241-6490. 

Conferences:  a didactic event/conference is scheduled each Friday at 6:30 am

  • Chapter Review (Resident Lounge) 
  • Podiatry Case Conference (Dorner Seminar Room) 
  • PMSR Grand Rounds Conference (Dorner Seminar Room) 
  • Journal Club (TBA)

Evaluations & Final Grading:


  • Faculty may request the student to do a case presentation. 
  • Faculty and Residents fill out evaluations. 
  • Program Director reviews and compiles all of the evaluations and returns the evaluations to medical school.