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Preceptorship Overview

At UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital, we understand the impact clinical learning can have on the outcomes of future healthcare providers and patients.

Preceptorships are a partnership between advanced practice programs and Finley Hospital that aim to provide clinical learning experiences in a variety of specialties ranging from family medicine to cardiology to surgery. Preceptorships promote critical thinking, reasoning, and skill refinement, in alignment with course objectives.

Application Process

Those interested in a virtual interview, in-person interview or in-person observation must:

  1. Complete the fillable application.
  2. Send the completed application, along with an up-to-date immunization record to

All clinical learning and Preceptorship applications will be reviewed, and every effort will be made to match the applicant with services provided at Finley Hospital. Completing the application is not a guarantee for clinical hours but is used to determine if a student's needs can be matched with a provider at Finley Hospital


Thank you for your interest in applying for a preceptorship at Finley Hospital. Once your application is emailed in full, including your vaccine documentation, someone will reach out to you.

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Contact Us

For additional questions or information about the Preceptorship program at Finley Hospital, please contact Beth Bries, Clinical Education Lead, at or call (563) 589-2389.