Medical Records

The MyUnityPoint Patient Portal

The MyUnityPoint patient portal may eliminate the need for separate paper medical record requests, saving you time and money. MyUnityPoint is a secure website for patients, allowing you to access and request your health information from UnityPoint Health Hospital and Clinic visits. There is no fee for patients requesting and accessing their medical records through the MyUnityPoint patient portal. Note: If you are a new user, instructions regarding registration can be found on the login page.

How to Request Your Hospital Medical Records

Records may be requested via phone, email, fax or the MyUnityPoint patient portal. Please note all requests from patients to direct records to a third party must be in writing and signed by the patient/patient representative.

When requesting records, please be sure to include the following:

  • Patient-identifying information
  • Location/facility the records are needed from
  • Who should receive the records
  • What information should be sent (ex: lab, radiology report, etc.)
  • Format in which you would like the information to be produced
  • Date of request
  • Signature (on written requests)

You may also complete our request for information form.

Delivery options:

  • Electronically, either using the MyUnityPoint patient portal or via a secured/unsecured provided email address. (Note: If using an unsecured email address, there may be some level of risk that the protected health information (PHI) in the email could be read by a third party.)
  • Paper or CD/DVD mailed to the address specified in your request.
  • Arranged pick up. If you choose to pick up your medical records, please bring photo identification with you.

Release of Information

Please contact the Release of Information department for the facility you need records from.

Coverage Area Included Locations Contact Info Phone Fax Email

Cedar Rapids, IA 

Anamosa, IA

 St. Luke's Hospital, Jones Regional Medical Center UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids
Attn: Medical Records
1026 A. Ave. NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
 319-369-8227  319-368-5870
Des Moines, IA and Grinnell, IA Iowa Lutheran Hospital, Iowa Methodist Medical Center, Blank Children's Hospital, Methodist West Hospital, Grinnell Regional Medical Center

UnityPoint Health – Des Moines
Attn: Medical Records
1200 Pleasant Street
Des Moines, IA 50309


 Dubuque, IA  Finley Hospital and select clinics  UnityPoint Health - Finley
Attn: Medical Records
350 N. Grandview Avenue
Dubuque, IA 52001
 563-589-2441  563-589-2618
 Fort Dodge, IA  Trinity Regional Medical Center  UnityPoint Health - Ft. Dodge
Attn: Medical Records
802 Kenyon Rd.
Fort Dodge, IA 50501
 515-574-6560  515-574-6963
 Madison, WI  Meriter Hospital and clinics  UnityPoint Health – Meriter
202 S. Park Street
Madison, WI 53715
 608-417-6406  608-417-6016
Marshalltown, IA  Marshalltown Hospital UnityPoint Health - Marshalltown
Attn: Medical Records
55 UnityPoint Way
Marshalltown, IA 50158
  641-328-7666  641-754-5150

 Quad Cities, IA 

Muscatine, IA

 Trinity Rock Island, Trinity Moline, Trinity Bettendorf, Trinity Muscatine  UnityPoint Health - Quad Cities
Attn: Medical Records
2701 17th Street
Rock Island, IL 61201
 563-742-3500  309-623-7053
 Sioux City, IA  St. Luke's Hospital UnityPoint Health - Sioux City Attn: Medical Records
2720 Stone Park Blvd.
Sioux City, IA 51104
 712-279-3978  712-535-7179
 Waterloo, IA Allen Hospital  UnityPoint Health - Allen Hospital
Attn: Medical Records
1825 Logan Avenue
Waterloo, IA 50703
 319-235-3618  319-235-3191
UnityPoint at Home
Specialty Pharmacy 877-804-2713

How to Request Your UnityPoint Clinic Medical Records

To request your clinic medical records, please complete this authorization form and send it to your provider’s office. 

If the patient is a minor (less than 18 years of age), a parent or legal guardian must sign the form and complete the parental rights notification section. 

Note: UnityPoint Clinic partners with a third-party vendor for release of information services.

How to Request Other Non-Hospital Medical Records

Billing Questions/Records

For billing questions or to obtain billing records, please contact the Centralized Billing Office at (844) 849-1260 or (515) 362-5111.

UnityPoint Health – Central Billing Office
Attention: Correspondence
P.O. Box 35758
Des Moines, IA 50315

Birth Certificates

Birth certificates are not available through UnityPoint Health. If you need a copy of your birth certificate, please contact your state's Vital Records department:


Iowa Department of Public Health
Attn: Vital Records
Birth Registration Program
Lucas State Office Building, 1st Floor
Des Moines, IA 50309-0075

Phone: (515) 281-4944

Illinois (include check or money order payable to IDPH)

Illinois Department of Public Health
Division of Vital Records
925 E. Ridgely Ave - 2737
Springfield, IL 62702

Fax: (217) 523-2648


Wisconsin Vital Records Office
P.O. Box 309
Madison, WI 53701

Phone: 877-855-2981  

Authorization Forms

Please mail the full completed authorization(s) to the appropriate UnityPoint Health facility listed in the Release of Information section above.

Illinois Only


Here are some frequently asked questions explaining how we handle our patients' health records and how you can make sure you have access to your own personal record.

Q: Who owns my UnityPoint Health medical record?
A: The information in your health record belongs to you. However, UnityPoint Health maintains the permanent record of the care provided to you. 
Q: Who has access to my records at UnityPoint Health?
A: Individuals participating in your care have access to your records to help them best provide for your health-care needs. After you receive treatment, other UnityPoint Health personnel performing the record-keeping duties also have access to your record. In either case, access is limited to the team members who need the information to perform their job.
Q: Are my records released outside UnityPoint Health?
A: Records are not released to a third party unless you've signed an authorization to allow this to occur. However, physicians involved with your care are allowed access to your record.
Q: How is my information safeguarded against unauthorized access?

A: At UnityPoint Health, we have a compliance program that includes policies implementing patient privacy and security requirements mandated under all applicable federal and state law. We provide training to our team members on the importance of complying with these policies and regularly conduct audits to confirm the effectiveness of our privacy and security compliance policies.

Q: Do you release any information verbally?
A: The only information HIS releases verbally is the patient's date of admission and/or date of discharge.
Q: Will you fax copies of my record to my home or office?

A: Yes, records can be faxed to a patient’s home or office. Patients should be aware that faxing to a shared or public fax machine may not be secured and protected. Records could be viewed or subject to access by third-party individuals or others who may have access to the fax machine. This could result in the sharing or further disclosure of your health information.

UnityPoint Clinic partners with a third-party vendor for release of information services. To request medical records from your clinic, submit an authorization form to your local UnityPoint Clinic location or contact the clinic directly.

Q: Should I keep a copy of my health record?
A: Keeping key documents from your health record is the best way to ensure your medical information is accessible when you need it. Although it’s not necessary to get copies every time you visit your doctor, you should consider getting copies of operative reports, discharge summaries and significant tests from any hospital visit. 
Q: Can my spouse request and receive copies of my medical record?
A: No. Another person may not receive copies of your medical record without a consent form authorizing UnityPoint Health to release copies.
Q: May I get a copy of a family member's medical record?

A: The patient or the patient's representative would need to consent to release of their medical records. However, if you have Power of Attorney (POA), or you're the executor of the patient's estate, you must submit an “Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information” form along with a copy of the legal document designating POA or executor rights.

Q: I'm going to another healthcare provider and would like my records sent to this physician. What do I need to do?
A: Submit a completed “Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information” form to have copies of your medical record mailed to that provider free of charge. Include the name and address of the healthcare provider. There’s no charge for copies of your medical record for continuity of care
Q: I would like to know my blood type. Is this information in my medical record?
A: You must contact your physician's office for assistance. We don't keep private physician office medical records. However, if your physician specifically ordered a test in the hospital to determine your blood type (pregnancy, surgery, organ donation, or for a blood transfusion), your blood type may be in your hospital medical record and in this instance, we could release it.
Q: How do I obtain the medical records of a deceased adult family member?

A: The administrator or executor of individual’s estate or the individual’s personal representative may authorize release of protected health information (PHI) pertaining to the decedent. The following documentation must be received to release the decedent’s records:

  • Death certificate
  • Name of Next of Kin/Executor of Estate
  • Authorization Relative Form (Illinois Only)
  • Signed authorization (if directing to a third-party)

If there is no administrator, executor, or personal representative, the order of priority for information release will be:

  1. A court-appointed guardian;
  2. The individual’s spouse;
  3. Adult children of the individual;
  4. Either parent of the individual;
  5. Adult siblings of the individual;
  6. Other immediate or extended family members