Estimating Your Cost of Care

Get a personalized cost estimate for your healthcare needs.

Financial Estimates

We understand the importance of knowing all your options and consider it a privilege when patients choose us to receive their care. To make sure you understand any costs associated with your care, patients can get a price estimate for upcoming procedures at one of our many locations - with or without insurance coverage.

Contact your insurance provider first.

Many insurance providers offer price estimates for out-of-pocket costs based on your plan's specific benefits. Also, your insurance provider may be able to estimate the cost for all your care – including hospital, physician and other associated charges. Your insurance provider may also have information to help you compare price and quality measures for the healthcare providers in your plan.

Use the My UnityPoint cost estimator tool.

Self-service cost estimates (price estimates) for many common non-emergency procedures and services are now available. UnityPoint Health has a new user-friendly tool to help estimate your likely out-of-pocket costs for many common procedures (for example, abdominal surgery, joint surgery, obstetric care) and services (such as CT, MRI or ultrasound imaging or laboratory services). The tool is available as part of MyUnityPoint, our patient portal.

Having a general idea of your costs for a variety of common types of healthcare procedures and services (such as medical imaging and laboratory costs) through a self-service tool may be useful to you as you plan for upcoming non-emergency care. This self-service price estimating tool is available 24/7.

Request a personalized cost estimate from UnityPoint Health.

UnityPoint Health personalized out-of-pocket cost estimates (price estimates) are available based on your specific planned services and your insurance plan. To request a cost estimate, just call (833) 23-PRICE or request a cost estimate using our secure online form

We’re committed to providing you with information about your estimated out-of-pocket cost as you make healthcare decisions. We have agreements with many insurance companies that determine the amount we’re paid. Our financial clearance team will verify your insurance coverage and benefits, including your plan's required co-payments, deductible cost, co-insurance and maximum out-of-pocket cost specified in your plan. We can also discuss your payment options.