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Free Online Childbirth Classes: Watch Anytime

UnityPoint offers a full virtual library of free online classes and videos

Click below to watch a variety of free, online classes:

Click here to watch UnityPoint's Birth Basics childbirth video.

Click here to access a free breastfeeding class from Tinyhood.

Click here to watch a three video series on breastfeeding from First Latch.

Click here to watch breastfeeding videos from the U.S. Office of Women's Health.

Click here to watch newborn care videos from Kaiser Permanente.

Click here to read online curriculum about baby care from Alberta Health.

Click below to watch any of UnityPoint's pre-recorded classes and webinars on a variety of childbirth and parenting topics:

Comfort Techniques During Labor

Scheduled C-Section: What to Expect

Pumping Class

Safe Sleep for Baby

Car Seat Safety

Picking a Provider for Baby

Introducing Solids

Toddler Nutrition

Baby Safety

Safe Swaddling Tips

Suctioning Baby's Nose

Parental Mental Health: Morgan- Postpartum Depression

Parental Mental Health: Brittney- Postpartum Anxiety

Parental Mental Health: Jada- Traumatic Delivery and Postpartum Depression

Parental Mental Health: Nick- Postpartum Depression as a Dad

Parental Mental Health: Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders Overview

Parental Mental Health: Motherhood Myths

Parental Mental Health: Stress Reducing Techniques

Parental Mental Health: Mixed Up Thoughts & Feelings

Supporting New Moms: A Class for Partners

Bringing Home a Sibling: A Class for Parents

Feeding Your Toddler & Preschooler

Tummy Time for Baby

Pediatric Vaccines

Contraception & Safer Sex after Birth

Parental Best Practices for LGBTQ Kids

How to Talk with Kids About Violence and Guns

SIDS Awareness

Pediatric Toothcare

Limiting Screen Time for Kids of All Ages

Child Assault Prevention

RSV & Bronchiolitis

Medication Safety

Concussions in Kids

Adolescent Mental Health

Social-Emotional Learning in Infants and Toddlers

Container Baby Syndrome

Postpartum Mental Health Effects on Baby

Orientation to Autism Diagnosis and Treatment

Pediatric Constipation and Bed-Wetting

Quitline Iowa: How to Talk to Kids About Tobacco