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At UnityPoint Health we strive to treat everyone with dignity, respect and full attention to personal needs. Help us keep our patients - and you - safe by following our visitor guidelines and refraining from disruptive behavior. We want to keep everyone safe and maintain a healing environment. Thank you for following our guidelines and treating healthcare workers with respect.

We know that the support of family and friends plays a vital role in the recovery process. In this section, you'll find helpful visitor guidelines and valuable visitor information that will help make your UnityPoint Health visit as convenient and comfortable as possible. If you can't find the information you're looking for here, our hospital volunteers or team members will be glad to help you.

Visitor Information & Resources

Masking - As we continue moving forward into a new phase of delivering safe care alongside COVID-19, masking guidelines are aligned with local community transmission levels. Levels may be Low/Moderate, Substantial or High. Please Find a Location to see masking information at a location near you.

COVID-19 Symptoms - If you have COVID-19, have had close contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 10 days, or have any symptoms of COVID-19 including a new fever, cough or other cold or flu-like symptoms, please do not enter unless you are seeking medical care. Please wear a mask to prevent the spread of illness.

Visitor Accommodations - UnityPoint Health hospitals offer a wide range of visitor accommodations that vary by hospital. These can include overnight accommodations, on-campus dining, WIFI, parking, spiritual services, children play areas and other amenities. Please Find a Location to see visitor information at a location near you.

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Visitor restrictions, masking guidelines and resources may differ by location. Learn about location-specific policies by searching a location near you below.
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Visitor FAQs

Are All UnityPoint Health Locations Tobacco-Free?
UnityPoint Health is dedicated to providing smoke-free environments for all patients and employees. Our tobacco-free policy prohibits smoking and the use of any type of tobacco on all our properties, whether leased or owned, adjacent sidewalks, parking lots and grounds. The policy applies to all patients, visitors, employees, contract workers, volunteers and physicians. E-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes are not allowed.

If you are a current tobacco user and will be admitted, let your doctor or nurse know so we may find ways to make your hospital stay comfortable. Nicotine replacement therapy products are available.
How Should I Protect My Valuables and Personal Items?

UnityPoint Health does not accept responsibility for personal belongings. UnityPoint Health assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged valuables. Therefore, we ask that other than sufficient funds to meet your co-payment/deposit requirements, you leave all other valuables at home.

If this is an unscheduled stay, please send all items home immediately with a family member to ensure their safety. UnityPoint Health does not reimburse for lost, stolen or damaged items. Patients who wear dentures should ask for a denture cup to protect them when not in use. Eyeglasses and contact lenses should be kept in a case when not being worn. If you lose something, please notify your care team immediately, and we will make every effort to help you find it.

What Tips Should Visitors Keep In Mind?
  • Call patients before visiting to ensure they are feeling up to having guests.
  • Be aware of the number of people in a room and the length of your visit so patients are able to have plenty of time to rest.
  • Should you be exhibiting any signs of illness, please refrain from visiting until your symptoms are gone.
  • Help prevent infection by routinely washing your hands, particularly after using the restroom and before touching the patient.
  • Accompany and supervise all children under the age of 14.
  • If you are unable to visit, consider offering to help with tasks around the house such as grocery shopping, collecting mail and newspapers or preparing and freezing meals.