Proxy Access


Get online access to your loved ones’ health information.

Through the MyUnityPoint website, registered users can request online access to medical information for their children or someone else in their care who has impaired decision-making abilities. Also, adult patients may grant proxy access to other adults, allowing spouses, adult children and others to have access to an existing adult patient's account.

The type of proxy access is primarily based on the patient's age. The "proxy" is the person granted access to another person's health information.

Need Proxy Access?

To request access to use MyUnityPoint on behalf of someone else:

  • Log in to your MyUnityPoint account
  • Select Share My Record on the drop-down menu
  • Select Friends & Family Access to enter appropriate proxy request.

Don't have a MyUnityPoint account? You'll need to create an account at to request access. You don't have to be a UnityPoint Health patient to create an account.

Proxy Access Document Requirements

If you’re the healthcare power of attorney or legal guardian for any patient you're requesting proxy access to, we must have legal documents on file. You can submit legal documents by:

  • Mail: MyUnityPoint Registration 955 Kacena Road, Hiawatha, IA 52233
  • Drop off at the patient's clinic.

Information Available through Proxy Access 

  Children 0-13 years old Teens 14-17 years old
Immunizations ✓ yes ✓ yes
Allergies ✓ yes ✓ yes
History/Problem List ✓ yes no
Notes ✓ yes ✓ yes*
Results ✓ yes ✓ yes*
Scheduling ✓ yes ✓ yes
Messaging ✓ yes ✓ yes
Bill Pay ✓ yes ✓ yes
Medications  ✓ yes ✓ yes*

* Restrictions apply. Please note: Test results and notes from visits prior to February 13, 2024 will not appear in MyUnityPiont for patients ages 12-17.

  • Ages 0 -13 years old.
  • Full access to approved parent/legal guardian(s).
  • Appropriate legal documents required for legal guardians.
Limited Teen
  • Ages 14 - 17 years old.
  • Parent or guardian(s) only have the ability to view allergies and immunizations, schedule appointments, send messages and view select test results on behalf of the patient. A parent or guardian may call the provider's office or contact UnityPoint Health Medical Records to obtain information not listed in MyUnityPoint.
  • Appropriate legal documents required for legal guardians.
Teen Connection
  • Ages 14-17 years old.
  • Patient has full access to their own record. *This is not proxy access as the patient is accessing their own health information.
  • Requires parent/legal guardian approval.
  • Incapacitated patient.
Adult to Adult
  • Give access to another adult to view your health record.
  • Access restriction.
  • Restrict access to person(s) who shouldn’t have access to a patient record.