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Message from the Program Director

Eric Temple_Program Director
The podiatric medicine and surgery residency program at Iowa Methodist Medical Center excels in preparing residents to function as competent podiatrists through the completion of significant numbers of procedures and a wide variety of rotations. As a member of the podiatric faculty, I can assure you that over the course of our three-year residency, our residents develop the skills necessary to function as key practitioners in any environment they choose. The facilities at Iowa Methodist Medical Center and associated clinics in the Des Moines metropolitan area are unsurpassed.

Our residency program is one of six training programs at Iowa Methodist, Blank Children's Hospital, Iowa Lutheran Hospital and Methodist West Hospital. Some 100 residents comprise these programs each year. Graduate Medical Education at our hospitals is considered a priority, and we are very proud of our programs and the residents.

Des Moines and its suburbs provide many cultural, athletic and recreational opportunities while retaining the cosmopolitan charm of a large Midwestern city. I encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our city and surrounding areas.

I invite you to review the specifics of our program and contact us with any questions regarding podiatric medicine and surgery residency training at Iowa Methodist Medical Center.

Eric Temple, DPM, FACFAS
Program Director

About Our Program

The Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency Program at UnityPoint Health – Des Moines excels in preparing residents to function as experienced and competent podiatrists. We provide training for three podiatric residents (one at each level) each academic year.

Faculty Committed to Teaching and Mentoring

Our faculty is committed to working with our residents to ensure that our future podiatrists develop and maintain the skills necessary to function as key practitioners in any environment they choose. Faculty members are committed to resident education and enjoy teaching. The attending physicians are always willing to teach and encourage learning in a professional environment.

Hands-On Surgical Experience

Our residency is designed to provide residents with a variety of clinical experiences over the course of the three-year program. The curriculum provides a well-rounded experience from both a surgical and medical standpoint. Specific emphasis is placed on significant hands-on case completion. Surgical case load and diversity are excellent.


The Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency provides education and experience at Iowa Methodist Medical Center, Methodist West Hospital, Iowa Lutheran Hospital and Lakeview Surgery Center.


Current Residents


First Year
  • Podiatric Medicine-Surgery (7 months)
  • Internal Medicine (1 month)
  • Pathology / Radiology (1 month combined)
  • Behavioral Medicine / Anesthesia (1 month combined)
  • Emergency Medicine (1 month)
  • General Surgery / Vascular (1 month combined)
Second Year
  • Infectious Disease (1 month)
  • Podiatric Medicine-Surgery (10 months)
  • Orthopedics (1 month)
Third Year
  • Podiatric Medicine - Surgery (10 months)
  • Plastic Surgery (1 month)
  • Dermatology / Wound Care (1 month combined)
Other Learning Opportunities

To supplement the curriculum, our didactics include:

  • Surgical cadaver lab
  • Monthly grand rounds
  • Journal club
  • Monthly Core Curriculum
  • Resident Review Conference

Stipend and Benefits


The annual stipends for the respective levels are as follows (Effective Academic Year 2023-2024):

  • PGY-1 - $65,985
  • PGY-2 - $67,204
  • PGY-3 - $69,038

Transition Allowance
$750 relocation allowance is provided to all incoming residents.

Paid Vacation
All residents receive 20 days of paid vacation per year.

Health Insurance and Resident Reimbursement Plan
Residents may choose from two health insurance plans that best suit their individual needs. An annual health insurance bonus that partially funds the cost of a single-coverage health and dental insurance premium is given to each resident.

Life Insurance

The program provides group life insurance equal to the resident's annual stipend at no charge to the resident.

Resident Liability Coverage
General and professional liability coverage is provided for residents enrolled in the residency program through a combination of commercial insurance and self-insured retention. Coverages are no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $5,000,000 aggregate per policy year.

Short and Long-Term Disability Coverage
Short and long-term disability coverage is provided to residents. Short-term disability coverage (STD) is used when the resident is away from work for at least seven (7) days due to a non-work-related illness or injury. STD pays 60% of weekly earnings for a maximum of 26 weeks with no waiting period. Long-term disability insurance coverage ensures that residents will receive a minimum of 70% of their monthly salary if they are disabled due to illness or accident, on or off the job, following a 90-day qualifying period.

Travel Insurance
All residents receive travel insurance coverage while traveling on medical center business.
Residents are allocated $2400 at the beginning of their residency that can be used to purchase textbooks, educational software, electronic devices or to attend approved medical meetings.
  • Free parking: All residents may park in a reserved area of the hospital parking facility at no charge.
  • A $200 per month meal allowance is provided for all residents.
  • Paid licensure: Fees for all licenses required by the residency program are paid by the program.
  • Lab coats: Free lab coats are provided to all residents.
  • Fitness center on premises.
  • Day care services on premises.
  • Counseling services.

Application Process

All applications for the podiatric medicine and surgery residency program are accepted by way of the Central Application Service for Podiatric Residencies (CASPR ®) a program of the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine.

Our Graduates

Year Name Practice Location
2023 Zach Bliek, DPM Newton, IA
2022 Ryan Prusa, DPM Brookings, SD
2021 Nephi Jones, DPM Brookings, SD
2020 Eric Reese, DPM West Des Moines, IA
2019 Carey Clifton, DPM Baton Rouge, LA
2018 Katrina Almeida, DPM Mitchell, SD
2017 Jennifer Hall, DPM West Des Moines, IA
2016 John Erickson, DPM Boone, IA
2015 Rachel Poore, DPM Bismarck, ND
2014 Eric Temple, DPM West Des Moines, IA
2013 Timonthy Holcomb, DPM West Des Moines, IA
2012 Roger Drown, DPM Atlantic, IA

Contact Us

Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency Program
1415 Woodland Avenue, Suite 140
Des Moines, IA 50309

(515) 241-8595

Gina Fletcher, Residency Program Coordinator