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Meet the Pharmacy Residents 

Left to right: Sydney Whitaker, Lauren Kolb, Alex Glodowski, Luke Malik, Kayla Marchese, Ana Glavas

Meet the PGY1 Pharmacy Residents 

Ana Glavas, PharmD


Pharmacy Education: University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

Hometown: Rockford, IL

Pharmacy project: Standardization of Opioid Prescribing in the ED

Career interests: Emergency Medicine, Infectious Disease

Hobbies: Golf, Biking, Volleyball (generally doing everything and anything outside!)

Why UnityPoint Health- Meriter? What stands out about Meriter compared to other places I have worked in the past is the culture and staff relationships. I have never felt more comfortable asking for help than I have here. Everyone is willing to teach and assist you with anything that you may not understand. Pharmacists at Meriter have outstanding rapport with the staff. It is so well established and for that I am grateful as a resident. It has made it easier for me as a new resident to engage with the team and adequately provide recommendations. From day one I felt that everyone was well aware of my interests and prepared to help me gain what I anticipate from residency and that is to learn as much as possible this year. Working here has been very rewarding so far, and I look forward to the rest of the year at UnityPoint Health- Meriter!

Alex Glodowski, PharmD


Pharmacy School: University of Wisconsin - Madison

Hometown: Pine Creek, WI

Residency Project: Implementation of a pain management treatment algorithm and order set

Career Interests: Critical care, emergency medicine, and cardiology

Hobbies: Running, fishing, hiking, biking, and hanging out with my dog

Why UnityPoint Health – Meriter? UnityPoint Health – Meriter provides extraordinary care for their patients, and pharmacists are essential members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team. The pharmacy department staff at Meriter are passionate about expanding pharmacists' roles to ensure they are practicing at the top of their license. The PGY-1 pharmacy practice residency offers a variety of rotations that align well with my career goals. Pharmacist preceptors at UnityPoint Health-Meriter have exceptional clinical knowledge and tailor rotations to help each resident achieve their professional goals. Finally, Madison is a great city! There are so many opportunities to enjoy local restaurants, Badger football games, and the outdoors.

Lauren Kolb, PharmD


Pharmacy School: Medical College of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy, Milwaukee WI 

Hometown: Luxemburg, WI  

Residency Project: Adverse outcomes of antenatal betamethasone administration in late preterm infants 

Career Interests: Neonatal Intensive Care, Pediatrics, Obstetrics  

Hobbies: Traveling, Solving Jigsaw Puzzles, Playing the Piano 

Why UnityPoint Health Meriter? When looking for a residency, I wanted a program that met my interests and felt like family. Although most of my background is pediatrics, I thought it was important to have a solid clinical foundation in adults as well. The residency preceptors at Meriter have a vast amount of clinical experience, are dedicated to teaching, and are extremely supportive of my interests. Upon interviewing it was clear to me that the pharmacy department at UnityPoint Health- Meriter focuses on teamwork, supporting their residents, and practicing at the top of their license. Meriter offered me everything I wanted, obstetrics, neonatal intensive care, even an elective in adult and child psychology. I'm so excited to be able to start my journey and continue to grow as a pharmacist at UnityPoint Health Meriter! 

Kayla Marchese, PharmD


Pharmacy Education:  University of Wisconsin – Madison, School of Pharmacy

Hometown: Forest Lake, MN

Residency Project: Implementation of Inpatient Cellulitis Pathway

Career Interests: General medicine, women's health, and anticoagulation

Hobbies: Being outside, traveling, and hanging out with my dog.

Why UnityPoint Health - Meriter? Meriter is one of the best work environments I have been a part of. I was not only impressed with the positive and supportive atmosphere of the pharmacy department, but also appreciated the elevated level of pharmacy practice. The residency program at Meriter, allows me to work alongside insightful preceptors and healthcare staff, meanwhile having countless opportunities that fit both my personal and professional goals. Besides the great staff and respected department, Meriter has many strong rotations that will mold you into a well-rounded clinical pharmacist. Lastly, there is nothing better than being located Madison. You will never run out of things to do or see. 

Sydney Whitaker, PharmD


Pharmacy School: University of Wisconsin – Madison, School of Pharmacy 

Hometown: Stitzer, WI  

Residency Project: Observation of reaching targets for serum drug piperacillin concentration using a pre-specified standard dosing strategy in ICU patients 

Career Interests: Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Infectious Disease 

Hobbies: Hanging out with my cats, cleaning, listening to educational podcasts (including conspiracy theories), singing, and boating. 

Why UnityPoint Health – Meriter? I pretty much decided where I wanted to practice as a resident the day I left my clerkship in the ER at Meriter – which was my very first rotation as a fourth year pharmacy student. It was clear to me from the beginning that Meriter would be my top choice for a residency. I was impressed by not only the exceptional clinical knowledge of all the pharmacists I worked with, but also their willingness to help me learn as a student. The pharmacist role at this institution allows for pharmacists to practice at the height of their potential. The interprofessional relationships I witnessed also made my choice very easy – as a student, the providers, nurses and the like accepted me as part of the team and made sure to include me in all of their decisions. Coming from a small town I knew I wanted to end up somewhere that felt like home, and that was UnityPoint Health – Meriter for me.  

Meet the PGY-2 Resident- Infectious Diseases Pharmacy

Luke Malik, PharmD


Pharmacy Education: Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

PGY1 Residency: UnityPoint Health- Meriter Hospital

Hometown: Bradley, IL

Residency Project: Effect of a Pharmacist-Driven Guide for Beta-Lactam Allergy Modification or Removal

Career Interests: Antimicrobial stewardship, infectious diseases clinical pharmacy

Hobbies: Snowboarding, hiking, paddle-boarding, and spending time with friends

Why UnityPoint Health - Meriter? Meriter offers pharmacy residents so much, including a culture of excellence in the pharmacy department, numerous opportunities for clinical and professional growth, and great relationships among the healthcare providers and staff. The residency program at Meriter also considers the needs and interests of the residents themselves, allowing them the opportunity to pursue what interests them most. Not only is the program fantastic, one of the biggest draws for me was the people. The pharmacists act as a cohesive team and support each other, including residents, very well. They're always ready and willing to help when needed, and the culture of the hospital is one that promotes growth both for the benefit of the staff and our patients. Finally, the city of Madison has a lot to offer. Hiking, bike trails, lakes, and the city are all a short walk or drive away from each other. Whether you're working at Meriter in the heart of downtown Madison or spending time on the lake, you're sure to enjoy yourself!