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 First Year Residents


 Julia Farruggia, M.D.

  • Medical school: USD Sanford School of Medicine
  • Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame
  • Hometown: Rapid City, SD
  • Medical interests: Outpatient Medicine, chronic disease management, Musculoskeletal Medicine, Preventative Medicine, and finding new and integrative ways to create healthier lifestyles for patients


 Abby Flannagan, D.O.

  • Medical School: Des Moines University
  • Undergraduate: Coe College
  • Hometown: Manchester, IA
  • Medical Interests: OB and Women's Health

 Megan Peterson, D.O.

  • Medical school: Des Moines University
  • Undergraduate: Central College (Pella, IA)
  • Hometown: Osage, IA
  • Medical interests: Women's health, providing Osteopathic manipulative medicine, Hospice/Palliative Medicine

 Lindsey Pogge, D.O.

  • Medical school: Des Moines University
  • Undergraduate: Wartburg College
  • Hometown: Corwith, IA
  • Medical interests: Women's Health and Pediatrics

 Seth Streeter, D.O. 

Seth is that guy who likes to spend time doing "guy" stuff-hunting, fishing, golfing, watching football, etc, etc. He claims to be an excellent trout fisherman although we haven't seen the fruits of that labor yet. I'm starting to wonder if he reads Field and Stream magazine and spits too? Hmm...Ask Seth about his trip to Western Turkey and visiting the sites of The Iliad. 

  • Medical school: Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Undergraduate: Luther College and Iowa State University for graduate school
  • Hometown: Prairie City, IA
  • Medical interests: procedures

 Ericka Tank, M.D.

  • Medical school: University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
  • Undergraduate: University of Iowa
  • Hometown: Manning, Iowa
  • Medical interests: Primary Care, Women's Health, procedures, underserved populations

 Second Year Residents


Samantha Banser, D.O.

In her spare time Samantha enjoys everything outdoors-hiking, snow skiing, building snow forts, jogging, gardening, and roofing. Yep-roofing. She recently inherited her grandfather's accordion and would love to learn how to play. if you know of anyone who could teach her, let us know. Hey-maybe she could even work out a trade-she could roof the house of the person who gives her accordion lessons. 

  • Medical school: Des Moines University
  • Undergraduate: Wartburg College
  • Hometown: Janesville, IA
  • Medical interests: everything-that's what I love about family medicine 

Madeline Godar, M.D. 

Madeline is a fan of the downtown Des Moines farmer's market and the bike trail system. She also loves to read-cookbooks and the Harry Potter series especially. Madeline has read so many books that she has kept a list since the 8th grade. If she ever runs out of books to read, she could entertain herself for a couple hours reading her reading list. 

  • Medical school: University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
  • Undergraduate: University of Iowa and Des Moines University for graduate school
  • Hometown: Marion, IA
  • Medical interests: OB & Women's Health, Palliative Care

Sabrina Martinez, M.D.

Sabrina enjoys cooking, baking and eating delicious food. Finally-someone who just says the way it is. We love this about her! She doesn't get all mixed up with fancy phrases like "I enjoy trying new restaurants" or "I enjoy exploring exotic cuisines." No-"I like eating delicious food" period. How refreshing is that? When Sabrina isn't working, you could find her at any good taco shop where she is, you guessed it, eating delicious food.

  • Medical school: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
  • Undergraduate: Columbia University
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA/Storm Lake, IA
  • Medical interests: Breastfeeding medicine, OB, Integrative Medicine

Matthew Molin, D.O. 

Matt is truly invested in the arts. He has played piano since the age of 10 and has started composing his own music. His favorite band of all time is Creedence Clearwater Revival. He is likely to pull out the swing dance moves at random weddings and he loves exploring new craft breweries. Yes-taste testing beer is a form of art too! And, who but a fan of the arts under the age of 55, even knows who Creedence Clearwater Revival is?

  • Medical school: Des Moines University
  • Undergraduate: Bethel University, Saint Paul, MN
  • Hometown: Circle Pines, MN
  • Medical interests: LGBT health, osteopathic manual medicine

Tyler Olson, M.D.

Tyler enjoys playing football, golfing, and woodworking projects. He is a fan of Michael Jackson music and he also pretends to play piano and guitar. His real talent, however, lies in playing air guitar. We can't wait to see if he can moon walk and play air guitar at the same time before he graduates residency. 

  • Medical school: University of Iowa
  • Undergraduate: Iowa State University
  • Hometown: Story City, IA
  • Medical interests: Everything – this is Family Medicine!

Cameron Overcash, M.D.

Cameron managed to come by some cheap tickets to Rome, Italy where he walked around for 5 days eating all the gelato he could get his hands on. If you really want to see him all lit up, though, just ask him about his experience with a chocolate bag! Rome, Italy-$2,000 Chocolate bag-Priceless

  • Medical school: University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford
  • Undergraduate: University of Iowa
  • Hometown: Dixon, IL
  • Medical interests: Sports Medicine and Emergency Medicine

Third Year Residents


Kevin Hanigan, D.O.

Kevin has participated in lots of sports-golf, swimming, track, rock-climbing, and more recently-hide and seek with his little girl. Being the soft-hearted soul he is, he even took his grandmother to Tijuana, Mexico because she wanted a "real margarita." He is what I call a real team player!

  • Medical school: Des Moines University
  • Undergraduate: Iowa State University and Creighton University for graduate school
  • Hometown: Johnston, Iowa
  • Medical interests: hospital/critical care medicine, acute trauma, office procedures

Daniel Hanson, M.D.

Danny is quite well-known for looking just like Ted Cruz. Danny also has a twin brother who looks nothing like him. Switched at birth? I'm just saying-accidents happen! Danny loves Des Moines because of its size, the sports attractions, has tons of restaurants, and it's a great city for young people. Ahh, gee, Des Moines likes you too Danny!

  • Medical school: Ross University School of Medicine
  • Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • Hometown: Mendota Heights, MN
  • Medical interests: Injections, depression and anxiety, sleep medicine

Sarah Jones Ketter, D.O.

What drew Sarah to Des Moines you ask? Simple-it was the people and all those amazing little fireflies. The fact that her husband is at another residency in town may have played a small role. Medicine is not Sarah's only talent. She could french braid your hair while walking down the street, riding in a bumpy bus, or even in the dark. There aren't a lot of people who can or would make that claim.

  • Medical school: Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Undergraduate: Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO
  • Hometown: Loveland, CO
  • Medical interests: Preventive Medicine, Integrative Medicine

Samantha Keady, D.O.

Let us assure you that you have not truly had a god time playing miniature golf until you have played with Sam. It is an inspiring experience and one you don't want to pass up if you have the opportunity!

  • Medical school: Des Moines University
  • Undergraduate: Northwestern college 
  • Hometown: Conrad, IA
  • Medical interests: procedures, hospital, urgent care, Emergency Department

Eryn McClutchey, D.O.

Eryn is a huge fan of Disney movies, especially The Lion King. Be honest-The Lion King is, at least, one of everyone's favorites. She spent two months as a volunteer in Tanzania working at an HIV/AIDS clinic and teaching English. I would bet that any "off" time was spent going in search of the lion king. 


Kavita Powaria, M.B.B.S.

Kavita sepent 6 months in a desert in western India with an infantry regiment where she learned some pretty amazing survival skills. These should come in handy at the Iowa State Fair!

  • Medical school: Lady Hardinge Medical College
  • Undergraduate: Govt College, Mahendergarh, Rewari.
  • Hometown: Faridabad, India
  • Medical interests: Diabetes, Dementia, Obesity 

Meredith Swenson, D.O.

Meredith enjoys being by the water, kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and scrubbing elephants. What? Scrubbing pachyderms is a water activity too!
  • Medical school: Des Moines University
  • Undergraduate: Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Hometown: Johnston, IA
  • Medical interests: I love the variety of FM! No single medical interests, but I love getting to know my patients and their family members.