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When the Iowa Methodist Medical Center surgery training program was started in 1946, the impetus came primarily from two surgeons, Dr. Joseph B. Priestley and Dr. Tom D. Throckmorton. These two men provided a great deal of the leadership in the operation of the surgery educational program from its start with Dr. Priestley as director and Dr. Throckmorton as preceptor until Dr. Priestley's retirement in 1966.

Dr. Throckmorton then continued leadership of the program in 1966 with Dr. David Watkins becoming the first full-time director in 1976 serving until the residency received full approval of a 5-year residency in 1981 with Dr. Throckmorton as functional director. Dr. Throckmorton continued as full-time director until his retirement 1986.

The Throckmorton Surgical Society was set up in Dr. Tom Throckmorton's name in honor of his dedication and continued efforts in carrying on postgraduate medical education in surgery and is now continued in his memory.

Lectureships have been set up in memory of Dr. Joseph B. Priestley for his leadership role in the residency and in honor of Dr. Louis D. Rodgers in recognition of his many years on faculty and in organization of the Society.

While the first surgical residency alumni conference was held in April 1981, the organizational meeting and First Annual Meeting of the Throckmorton Surgical Society were held April 30, 1982. The membership is comprised of alumni members of the Iowa Methodist Medical Center Surgery Residency, surgery resident members, and surgery faculty members as associate members. Several noted speakers are included as honorary members.

While the conference is set up by the membership, other surgeons and physicians are welcome to attend the symposium. A conference banquet is held each year where new graduates of the Iowa Methodist Medical Center Surgery Residency are recognized as new alumni members and where alumni, residents, faculty, and attendees greet colleagues and renew old friendships.