Graduate Medical Education Policies | UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

Graduate Medical Education Policies

     Appeals Procedure for the Resident     
     Access to Resident Directory Information    
     Accommodations for Disabilities       
     Code Blue
          Policy:  UPHDM003DMM - Iowa Methodist/Blank
          Policy:  UPHDM003DML - Iowa Lutheran
          Policy:  UPHDM003DMW - Methodist West  
     Code Pink 
     Committee Appointment   
     Corrective Action, Suspension and Dismissal  
     Death Determination  
           Related Hospital Policies 
           Adult and Pediatric Organ/Tissue Donation
           Medical Examiner Notification of Death
     Disaster Response 
     Duty Hours and Work Environment
     Duty Hour Extension  
     Education Files Access 
     Emergent Situations
     Evaluation, Promotion and Transfer 
     Fatigue Education and Mitigation 
     Impaired Resident Identification and Assistance
     Interactions with Industry
     Leave of Absence 
           Related Hospital Policies 
           Family and Medical Leave
           Jury Duty
           Short-Term Disability 
           Military Leave    
     Medical Record Completion   
     Program Changes and Reports 
     Program Disclosure and Status
     Record Retention Policy   
     Recruitment and Appointment 
     Sentinel Event       
     Social Media Policy  
     Transitions of Care 

     Resident - Emergency Response