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Stipends and Benefits

The Pediatric Residency Program at Blank Children's Hospital offers a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package, including such perks as meal stipends and free parking.

Explore what we have to offer. Stipends and benefits described below are for the 2018-2019 academic year. If you have any questions about our benefits, please contact us.


The annual stipends for the respective levels are as follows:
R1 - $60,960
R2 - $62,088
R3 - $63,781

Transition Allowance

$750 relocation allowance is provided to all incoming residents.

Insurance/Liability Coverage

Health Insurance and Resident Reimbursement Plan
Residents may choose from two health insurance plans that best suit their individual needs. An annual health insurance bonus that partially funds the cost of a single-coverage health and dental insurance premium is given to each resident. In addition, residents and their families, if covered by the hospital's health insurance, are eligible to have post-insurance payment balances on medical bills paid through a fully funded medical spending account, if the medical expenses were incurred within the UnityPoint Health - Des Moines hospitals.

Life Insurance
The program provides group life insurance equal to the resident's annual stipend at no charge to the resident.

Resident Liability Coverage
General and professional liability coverage is provided for residents enrolled in the residency program through a combination of commercial insurance and self-insured retention. Coverages are no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $5,000,000 aggregate per policy year.

Short and Long-Term Disability Coverage
Short and long-term disability coverage is provided to residents. Short-term disability coverage (STD) is used when the resident is away from work for at least seven (7) days due to a non-work related illness or injury. STD pays 60% of weekly earnings for a maximum of 26 weeks with no waiting period. Long-term disability insurance coverage ensures that residents will receive a minimum of 70% of their monthly salary if they are disabled due to illness or accident, on or off the job, following a 90-day qualifying period.

Travel Insurance
All residents receive travel insurance coverage while traveling on medical center business.

Paid Vacation

All residents receive three weeks of paid vacation per year. In addition, each resident will have 5 sick/personal days available each year. 


Additional Education Funds
Residents are allocated $700 per year that can be used to purchase textbooks, educational software, or to attend approved medical meetings.

Library Services
Library services are provided free to residents and include literature searches, inter-library loans and photocopying. Residents have 24-hour access to the library where computers and wireless internet access are available for research. The collection includes some 6,100 books, 280 journals and electronic journals. Databases include UpToDate, Access Medicine, Natural Standard, MD Consult, PubMed and other resources.

Learn more about our educational resources.

Extra Benefits and Perks

  • Free Parking - All residents may park in a reserved area of the hospital parking facility at no charge
  • Meal Stipends
  • Paid Licensure - Fees for all licenses required by the residency program are paid by the program
  • Lab Coats/Blank Fleece Coats 
  • Free Fitness Center on premises
  • Day Care Services on premises
  • Credit Union on premises
  • Counseling Services available 24/7
  • AAP Membership Benefits