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What's it like to work in our Cardiac Cath Lab?

Here's a summary of what we do:

 Cardiac Cath Lab Nurses assist doctors performing these procedures. As a Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse, you can specialize even further in coronary catherization—procedures that involve coronary arteries, and take place in state of the art labs. In this specialty, you'll have the opportunity to work with the latest technology in cardiac care.

Things you'll do:

  • Assist with angioplasties, valvuloplasties and stent placements
  • Help implant pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibillators (ICDs)

What's it like?

  • Multifaceted
  • Structured
  • Patient-facing

Our Cath Lab

The Cath Lab has state-of-the-art procedure rooms for performing numerous heart and vessel imaging studies and treatments. In the Cath Lab, highly trained specialists identify and diagnose heart problems, use medicines to dissolve blood clots, re-open blood vessels, and remove obstructions within blood vessels.

Within the Cath Lab is our specialized Electrophysiology Lab (EP). Here patients experiencing irregular heart rates (arrhythmias) can undergo diagnostic exams to identify the specific cause of the problem or to receive life-saving treatments such as pacemaker or defibrillator implants.

What makes us different?

We have 4 cath labs, 2 dedicated coronary labs, 1 EP Lab, 1 Hybrid Lab. We have a strong STEMI program. Our labs perform all forms of cardiac and peripheral interventional procedures; diagnose and treat all forms of cardiovascular disease including balloons, stents, rhythm management, peripheral vascular. We work in teams of 3; and the team consists of 2 radiologic technologists and 1 RN. The relationship between the staff and physicians is a true team approach. Physicians ask for and accept suggestions from staff on the best equipment to use for particular cases or which vessel is more crucial to fix before another. Physicians and staff get to know each other to the point that it feels like a 2nd family!