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Expert Advice: Application, Resume & Cover Letter 

Your application, resume and cover letter are the first impression we will have of your abilities so use this opportunity to wow us. In the three articles below, we provide helpful information in completing an application and creating your resume and cover letter, as well as provides insider tips.  

1. Application Tips

The electronic application document is a very important part of the process; one which can be overlooked by candidates. The application allows both the Recruitment Team and the Hiring Manager to review your experience and education in a consistent and uniform way; it may collect additional information beyond what is included in your resume. Continue reading...

2. Resume Tips

Resumes are used to provide employers a summary of your skills, abilities and accomplishments and how they relate to the position you are applying for. Your resume will be reviewed by the Recruitment Team as well as Hiring Managers to determine how your skills align with the position and may contribute to the organization. Continue reading...

3. Cover Letter Tips

Writing a cover letter is a lot like story-telling. You are sharing your professional story; use your cover letter to showcase your personality, accomplishments and skills that specifically apply to the position. Continue reading...

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