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Our Process: Application to Offer 

Have you ever wondered what happens after you submit an application online? At UnityPoint Health – Meriter, our average time to fill a position once it is posted on the career portal is approximately 40 days. There are a lot of steps that get us to that point. In this section, we will shed some light on the "behind the scenes" work from reviewing applications, the interview process and the details surrounding the offer. 


In this section, we will provide you an inside look at the review process after you submit your application.

Review Process

Email confirmation – after you hit submit on your application, you should receive an auto generated email from us stating that your submission has been received. Please watch for an email from msn_employment@unitypoint.org.  Please note, this email may go to the spam or junk folders so please make sure to add this email address to your contacts. We will also send you periodic email updates on your application. 

Recruiter Review – the first individual that will review your application is the recruiter. The recruiter will screen to assure all minimum requirements for the position are met from reviewing your application, resume and/or cover letter. This is why we stress the importance of stating all relevant information on your application and resume. Our internal benchmark to screen applications is two days before moving them to hiring manager review. 

Hiring Manager Review – hiring managers receive the most qualified applications from the recruiter for further review of experience and education as it relates to the particular position. Hiring managers will determine which candidate(s) to move forward to the next step of the process – interviewing.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What should I do if I did not receive the auto-generated email communication, and I checked my spam and junk folders? 
A: If you do not receive the email from msn_employment@unitypoint.org after 60 minutes from submitting your application and you have verified it was not sent to your spam folder, this means that you did not fully submit the online application or you may have misspelled your email address on the application form. Please log back into the UnityPoint Health – Meriter career center to verify that you fully submitted your application and the email address listed is correct. This information can be verified on the "Edit Profile" section on the career center.  

Q: How can I check the status of my application? 
A: The best way to check the status of your application is through the UnityPoint Health – Meriter career center. After logging in, click the "Job Submission Status" to obtain further information on where your application is at in the process. This will be updated on an ongoing basis. 

Q: How long does it take to process a job application? When will I hear back? 
A: The exact time frame will vary depending on the position for which you applied. UnityPoint Health – Meriter Human Resources will always get back to you as soon as we determine the status of your application by phone or email.  


Once your application has been reviewed, top candidates will be invited to interview. Now that you've made it to this step in the process, the following information will help you navigate that process.  

Confirm your contact information – you will be contacted by phone to schedule your interview. It is important that we have your best phone number on record. If you have multiple phone numbers, please list them all. Make sure that your voicemail is set up and able to receive messages. Know that your voicemail message also contributes to the impression you make, so you will want to assure a professional greeting while you are in the midst of a job search. 

Respond in a timely fashion – if you do get a call from us, we will want to move forward in a timely manner. If we leave a voicemail for you, please do your best to get back to us quickly. Days of silence are interpreted as lack of interest, and we may move forward with other candidates.

Know your schedule – when we call to schedule your interview, we will be looking for specific days and times to put on calendars. Please know your schedule and do your best to have it with you when we speak so that we can schedule times.

Be aware that you may need to interview more than once – the interview process may involve a phone screen with a recruiter, an interview with the hiring manager, and perhaps a second interview. If you are applying for the same position in multiple departments or a number of different clinics, you will likely need to meet with the hiring team for each different area. 

Know your references – at the time we schedule your interview, we will also be starting the reference checking process. You will get an email from Skill Survey asking you to enter the contact information for five (5) professional references. Know email addresses for your references, and be sure that you have been in contact with them to let them know that you're job searching; confirm they are willing to act as a reference for you and will respond in a timely manner. 

Make sure your questions are answered – the interview with the hiring manager is your chance to make sure that you fully understand the position you're applying for. You should never leave an interview not knowing the work schedule or other important details. If you do have additional questions after your interview, reach back out to get those answered. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: I interviewed last week and am now applying for another position. Will I need to talk to the recruiter and complete reference information again? 
A: Generally, no. We reserve the right to determine at what point we might want to repeat those steps of the process, but you will typically not need to go through those steps again unless some time has passed or major changes in your work history have occurred.  

Q: I have accepted an offer elsewhere or am no longer interested in this position. Do I need to let you know? 
A: Yes. We would love for you to call us and let us know, or send us an email, but you could also log into your candidate profile and withdraw your application. Regardless of the method you choose, please let us know. If you don't notify us and don't show up to your interview, this is interpreted as a no-show and documented in your profile for future consideration.  

Q: If I have entered references, do I still need to provide a performance evaluation? 
A: While the references are the required step, a recent performance evaluation is a nice addition. It's a great way for us to understand your performance in your most recent position and helps give us information that we may not get from the standard reference process. If at all possible, please also provide your evaluation so we can have a clearer picture of who you are and how you perform. 


At the point of offer, the recruiter will verify the position, hours and present a salary commensurate with experience for you to consider. If you accept the offer, there are a number of steps in the onboarding process, which generally takes a minimum of two weeks, to ensure all appropriate paperwork and appointments are completed.  

Below are items to consider after accepting an offer: 

Start date – after accepting an offer we will work with you to determine a start date that will work well for you and the department you will be working in. It is helpful to have an idea of availability while keeping in mind the amount of notice you would like to provide to a current employer. Generally, we need two weeks to allow enough time to complete the necessary onboarding steps and get cleared to work.

Information to know – we will be collecting more information from you to properly set up your employment file as a new employee. Please know your date of birth, social security number and how your name reads on your social security card.  We will need this information to run a criminal background check that is required by the Caregiver Law. We will be asking you to disclose any law violations including felonies, misdemeanors, disorderly conducts or any county ordinance violations. Please have dates and charges readily available to avoid forgetting to disclose an instance. Failure to disclose background information will result in a rescinded offer.

Email communication – there will be a number of emails sent to you from Human Resources, Employee Health and your department providing vital information relating to your new role. Please make a habit of checking your email on a frequent basis. 

Appointments – there will be a handful of appointments that are required from the time you accept the offer that must be completed before the agreed upon start date including employee health appointments and new hire paperwork.  The recruiter will be sharing details regarding these appointments during the offer conversation and will be sending detailed information to you via email. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How long do I have to think over the offer presented? 
A: Joining a new organization and changing your career is an important decision and we want to make sure you have ample time to think over the offer and to discuss with others. Generally, we ask for a decision within 24-48 hours in order for us to make sure we are being mindful of other candidates and to keep the process moving forward.  

Q: I have a scheduled vacation. Who should I notify? 
A: Please share any planned time off with the recruiter during the offer conversation. We will make sure to share this information with your supervisor. We recommend that you also share this information with your supervisor to confirm the appropriate steps are taken to request and submit time off per your department's guidelines. 

Q: Do I need to write down all the information from the offer conversation? 
A: It is helpful to jot down notes during the phone call. Due to the amount of information discussed during the offer process, the recruiter will follow up with a recap of the conversation via email including onboarding step details, new hire paperwork and offer letter sent to your email provided on your application.   


The posting being pulled from our website does not mean that the position has been filled – we will pull the posting when we feel like we have a sufficient pool of candidates to work with. If you don't see the posting any longer, we've stopped accepting additional applications. If the position has been filled, you will be notified, typically by email. Make sure that you check your spam filters, and you can also log in to your profile if you're curious about the status.  

Make sure your contact information listed on your application is up-to-date. The contact information provided on your application is what we will be using to contact you regarding any interviews and to keep you informed on your application status. 

UnityPoint Health – Meriter Human Resources will always notify you once a decision has been made regarding your application. We send an email to all candidates when a position has been filled to be respectful of your time and your job search process. Please check your email and/or spam folder for email communication from us.