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Prospective Residents of Iowa Lutheran Family Medicine Residency Program

The Iowa Lutheran Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program in Des Moines, Iowa, offers an unopposed, community-based program, with a focus on treating patients and their families. Our highly-regarded program has successfully trained hundreds of family medicine physicians in a compassionate, respectful and comprehensive learning environment.

We tailor our program to meet your individual needs while providing a full range of family medicine services. We will help you prepare for the ever-changing, real-world clinical environment.

Let our residents tell you more about the strengths of our program.

Modern Facility, Real Life Setting

UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine-East Des Moines/La Clinica de la Esperanza, located across from Iowa Lutheran Hospital, is the focal point of the Residency Program. For over 35 years, we've seen multi-generational families and patients from all walks of life in a stable working neighborhood. Here you'll learn how to manage and care for patients in a productive and efficiently managed clinic.

Average Time Spent at Clinic

  • First Year Resident: 5 Hours Per Week
  • Second Year Resident: 10 Hours Per Week
  • Third Year Resident: 15-20 Hours Per Week

The spacious UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine-East Des Moines/La Clinica de la Esperanza includes:

  • 36 exam rooms
  • space for 20 residents and seven full-time family physicians
  • Full-time clinical pharmacist
  • Behavioral therapist
  • Laboratory and technicians
  • Radiology and technicians
  • Epic Electronic Medical Record in use since 2005 (clinic and hospital)
  • Workspace for each resident, equipped with a personal computer
  • Resident giving baby well check
  • Osteopathic manipulation tables
  • DEXA scanner
  • Reference library
  • Point of care ultrasound

Community Hospital, Commitment to Education

For over 30 years, residents have been an integral part of the Iowa Lutheran Hospital medical team. Iowa Lutheran Hospital's unique environment has provided a wide variety of medical experiences through a tightly knit, community-based program. 

The hospital has 224 staffed beds and specializes in cardiovascular care, maternity services, emergency and trauma treatment, chemical dependency treatment, behavioral medicine, general surgery, critical care, older adult services and home health care.

Serving the Community

Residents and faculty staff maternal-child clinics two afternoons each week at East Des Moines/La Clinica de la Esperanza, dedicated to serving the community as a consistent medical home for the Spanish-speaking Latino immigrant families and for others in the community without health insurance.

Through this experience, residents see how quality health care can be provided at a reduced cost.

Other community activities in which our residents participate on a regular basis include:

  • Refugee physicals
  • Health class presentations at our local grade school
  • Nursing home rounds
  • Patient home visits
  • Call coverage for the alcohol and substance abuse treatment program
  • Medical back up for hospitalized mental health patients
  • Each of these opportunities teaches our residents to care for people with special needs in our community.

Learn More About Our Residency Program

We invite you to learn more about the Iowa Lutheran Family Medicine Residency Program. You have the opportunity to grow in a program with a strong academic center, a pleasant and flexible working environment and a diverse patient population.  If you have any questions about our Program, please feel free to contact us at (515) 265-1050 or reach out to