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Clinical Assistant at UnityPoint Clinic

UnityPoint Clinic is looking for clinical assistants to join our ever-growing team. As one of the top places to work in health care, we are looking for the best candidates for the job. 

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1. Change lives. 

Clinical Assistants at UnityPoint Clinic are a major component of a patient's journey. From answering questions, to giving vital information to family members, clinical assistants help ease the minds of everyone who enters the facilities. As one of the first lines of defense in the medical process, clinical assistants lend a major hand in keeping our clinics running smoothly. 

2. Work in the Midwest. 

There are numerous locations and areas that are looking for qualified clinical assistants. From Des Moines to Cedar Rapids and Quad Cities to Waterloo, there's a place, and a career, just for you at UnityPoint Clinic. 

3. Invest in your future. 

UnityPoint Clinic will provide all of the tools and training needed to excel in your career. You will be kept up-to-date on the newest technology and practices in your field, gain knowledge and stay at the top of your field. 

4. Make the world a healthier place. 

UnityPoint Clinic is working hard to change health care and provide the best services to its patients. Your efforts with UnityPoint Clinic will push those changes even further. The best team members mean the best care for everyone. 

5. Brighten the health care experience. 

Lively and energetic clinical assistants will help patients learn and grow. A positive experience is the core of the UnityPoint Clinic mission to give patients the best health care experience. 

6. Work in a team. 

The staff at all UnityPoint Clinic locations work together to make effective and positive improvements. Team members are frequently changing the health care system with new and innovative ideas. 

7. Work at one of the top 150 best places to work in health care. 

A combination of the staff, facilities and innovative changes to health care make UnityPoint Clinic a great place to work. 

8. Start a fulfilling career.

 At UnityPoint Clinic, we want your career to benefit you as you help every patient. With training and places for growth, UnityPoint Clinic wants to help you make the most of your education and experience. 

9. Change your life. 

Starting a career with UnityPoint Clinic will change your life. Whether you're moving to a new city or just to a new job, working with the staff at our locations will bring you new experiences and new skills to improve your career. 

10. Invest in the future of others.

 Healthy people produce a healthy world and healthy people start with the staff at UnityPoint Clinic. As a member of the staff, you will be directly responsible for creating a better world and a better future. 

Make a change in your life today and join the UnityPoint Clinic health care team! Clinical assistant positions are open now. Apply online here.