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Patient Bill of Rights

All patients/clients in home care possess basic rights and responsibilities, including the right to be informed of their rights before initiation of service. If/when a patient/client has been judged incompetent, the family or guardian may exercise these rights.

As a patient/client of home care, you have the right to:

  • Be treated without regard to race, color, creed, gender, age, gender preference, national origin, handicap, or decision regarding advanced directives.
  • Have you and your property treated with dignity, consideration and respect by agency personnel.
  • Be informed of the extent to which payment for home care services may be expected from Medicare or any sources, the charges not covered by third party payor(s) and any personal responsibility for payment.
  • Receive payment information orally and in writing before care is initiated and within 30 days of the date UnityPoint at Home becomes aware of any change.
  • Be informed of and participate in decisions regarding you care, including planning of the care to be provided, the disciplines and the frequency of service. Be advised in advance of any change in the plan of care.
  • Be advised in advance of the ownership and/or control of UnityPoint at Home.
  • Confidentiality of all medical, financial and other information related to your care. We will release no information without written authorization from you or your legal representative.
  • Refuse treatment and to be informed of the possible consequences of your choices.
  • Be informed about advance directives and the UnityPoint at Home policy and procedures regarding advance directives.
  • Have you and your family/caregiver taught about your illness and how to provide the treatment/care you require in order to promote greater independence.
  • Voice grievances regarding your care or lack of respect for your property without fear of discrimination or reprisals and to have these grievances investigated and responded to.
  • Have access to or receive a copy of your clinical record upon request.
  • Receive timely prior notice of planned transfer or discharge, continuing care requirements, and other services if needed at the time of discharge from UnityPoint at Home.