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Knowing Your Rights as a Patient

UnityPoint Health - Trinity Regional Medical Center promotes the goal of improving care, treatment, services, and outcomes for patients and patient representatives by recognizing and respecting their individual rights and conducting business in an ethical manner.  

As a patient or patient representative, you have the right:  

  • To have someone tell you your rights and responsibilities.
  • To be told about your illness and your plan of care.
  • To be told the name of your caregivers, their job title and what they will be doing for you.
  • To have your questions answered.
  • To be treated with respect.  It does not matter what your religion, lifestyle, cultural beliefs or financial state is, you will not be denied the care you need.
  • To have any conflict in your care taken to a responsible group that can settle problems.
  • To have your property protected.
  • To feel safe and secure.
  • To have your pain or discomfort rated and managed.
  • To complain about a person, your care or your surroundings without fear of being treated differently or having a break in your plan of care.
  • To call the Guest Services line at 515-408-7715 with a complaint or suggestion.
  • To file a formal complaint or suggestion with the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals by calling 515-281-7102 or the Iowa Foundation for Medical Center at 800-752-7014.
  • To move to another hospital.
  • To know more about the hospital rules and to know what the hospital is able to do or not do for your current illness or injury.
  • To expect good communication with your caregivers even if you have trouble seeing, hearing or understanding what is said or what is given to you in writing.
  • To have your family, friend or legal agent called right away if you are admitted to the hospital.
  • To have your doctor called right away if you are admitted to the hospital.
  • To ask why you are being sent home if you think it is too soon.
  • To have the right to choose who may or may not visit while you are a patient.
  • To look at your health records according to the hospital policies.
  • To know that as a teaching hospital you may have students taking part in your care.
  • To have your hospital charges and insurance coverage explained to you.
  • To agree to or refuse a test or therapy and have the results of your choice explained to you.
  • To be an active part in the choices made about your plan of care.
  • To have the right to choose your caregivers if you should need health care after you go home.
  • To not feel forced to do anything you do not want to do.
  • To get protective services if you do not feel safe.
  • To be told of the dangers and advantages of any therapy or service.
  • To have spiritual care and pastoral services.
  • To have your wishes honored and respected.
  • To legally choose someone to speak for you if you are not able to speak for yourself.  This is called an Advanced Directive.
  • To accept or refuse any research that has to do with your care or health problem.
  • To know that Trinity Regional Medical Center respects your privacy and will treat you and your health care details with security and privacy.
  • To get good care even if you don't have insurance or enough money.
  • To have your caregivers know that you wish to be an organ donor.
  • To be free from restraint. 

As a patient at Trinity Regional Medical Center, you or your patient representative are responsible:

  • To give us your health facts so we can write your plan of care, therapy and services.  Examples would be a listing of all of your pills and medicine that you take, past surgeries or illnesses, doctor(s) you go to, etc.
  • To tell your doctors and nurses if you think you cannot follow through with your plan of care and why.
  • To accept the outcomes if you decide not to follow through with your plan of care.
  • To openly report your pain or discomfort.
  • To tell us your ideas for improving your care.
  • To tell us your insurance details or your need to arrange a payment plan for your hospital bill.
  • To respect other patients and their families.  They have a right to safety, comfort, privacy and quiet surrounding just as you do.
  • To be honest.
  • To follow hospital rules.
  • To make every effort to know your problems by asking questions.
  • To try to follow the directions and advice offered by the staff.
  • To speak up and tell your nurse or manager of the unit if you feel your rights are being violated. 

Patient Concerns

Please let us know if you have any concerns. I you have a concern about your care, treatment or safety please tell us by:

Asking to speak to the person in charge of the nursing unit, clinic or department involved or call the Guest Service Line at 515-574-6792.

Contact Information for Filing a Complaint

DNV Healthcare Inc.

463 Ohio Pike, Suite 203

Cincinnati, OH 45255


Iowa Foundation Medical Care

6000 Westown Parkway

West Des Moines, IA 50266


Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals
Lucas State Office Building

321 East 12th Street

Des Moines, IA 50319


Protective Services

Hospital Social Worker


Domestic/Sexual Assault/Crisis Intervention

(888) 356-2006 or (515) 573-8000

Iowa Department of Human Services

(877) 529-6873 or (515) 955-6353