Regional Child Protection Center 2017 Workshop Series

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Series Overview & Purpose

The Regional Child Protection Center at Blank Children's Hospital seeks to improve outcomes for child victims of abuse by providing free educational opportunities for members of our professional community. The purpose of the Workshop Series is to impact the systemic coordination of services for children and families through increased professional knowledge and skills surrounding developmentally appropriate, child-focused interventions.

Intended Audience

The Workshop Series is intended for professionals involved in the child protection field including: Department of Human Service professionals, law enforcement, attorneys, victim advocates, medical and mental health providers, family service professionals, nurses, foster parents, and school-based professionals.


The Workshop Series will be held at the Kelley Conference Room and Virginia Thompson Auditorium in the Education and Research Center on the Iowa Methodist/Blank Children's campus. Park in the south end of the parking ramp and take the southeast elevators to Level G.

2017 Workshops

Thursday, March 23 
10 Things You Need to Know About Kids
Presented by: Jim Harris, Ed.D., MSW

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the impact of life experiences on the interpretation and response to events

  • Identify the core neurological connection between adults and children

  • Describe the importance of intentional skill development when working with children

  • Explain the connection between instruction and feedback in the process of skill development

  • Review the neurological changes that can occur in the response to traumatic events

  • Analyze the developmental necessity of relationships as the primary context for growth and development 


Wednesday, April 12

Pornography: It's Impact and Why It Matters

Presented by: Cordelia Anderson, MA

Course Objectives:

  • Review at least 10 research studies, including neuroscience, that show a range of harms from pornography, sexual abuse exploitation, and sexual violence

  • Identify at least 10 studies that show links to risks in children, youth and adults

  • Discuss key concepts and tools for incorporating information about pornography as a public health issue into sexual violence prevention

  • Identify key resources for education, prevention, and treatment

  • Evaluate helpful and harmful promotion of sexual health and pornography

** A special thank you to Orchard Place for their co-sponsorship of the April 12th  presentation by Cordelia Anderson.


    Tuesday, May 16
    Child Torture/Bridging the Gap-Protecting Our Kids
    Presented by: Jim Holler

    Course Objectives:

    • Review the importance of a multidisciplinary response from all team members 

    • Discuss common types of child torture 

    • Identify indicators of a child being tortured in the home

    • Describe common victim and perpetrator characteristics in the most common causes of child torture

    • Explain the common goal of combating child abuse by working as a multidisciplinary team

    • Recognize the importance and need for the team to work together in investigations

    • Explain the advantages to a child abuse case if both the law enforcement officer and CPS worker are together from the beginning to the end in the investigation 

    Workshop Series Schedule

    Please choose a morning OR afternoon session as the information is repeated.

     Morning Session


    Afternoon Session 


     8 - 8:30 a.m.


     12:30 - 1 p.m. 


     8:30 - 10 a.m.


     1 - 2:30 p.m. 


     10 - 10:15 a.m. 


     2:30 - 2:45 p.m. 


     10:15 - 11:45 a.m.


     2:45 - 4:15 p.m.  


     11:45-11:50 a.m.


     4:15-4:20 p.m.


    CEU Information

    Iowa Board for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers:
    March 23: 3 credit hours of Treatment specific training
    April 12: 3 credit hours of Sex Offender Specific training

    May 16: 3 credit hours of Victim Specific training

    Iowa Board of Social Work Examiners: 3 CEU credit hours

    Iowa Board of Behavioral Science Examiners: 3 CEU credit hours

    Iowa Board of Psychology Examiners: 3 CEU credit hours

    Iowa Board of Certification:
    March 23: Category A: Special Populations
    April 12: Category A: Special Populations

    May 16: Category A: Special Populations

    Iowa Board of Nursing Provider #31-UPDM: .34 CEU credit hours

    Foster Parent Training Credit


    For more information, contact Sandra Brasell-Jasa, Regional Child Protection Center at 515-241-4233 or email 

    To see the workshop flyer, please click here.