UnityPoint Clinic Urgent Care - West

2255 John F Kennedy Road
Dubuque, IA 52002

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Chad Wolbers

President and CEO

Mary Peters

Chief Nursing Officer

Bryan Pechous, M.D.

Vice President of Medical Affairs

Carol Cross

Vice President of Finance

Robin Scalise

Vice President of Operations

Finley Hospital Board Listing for 2021

Chad Wolbers, President and CEO
Charlie Skemp, Chair
Susan Farber, Vice Chair
Ryan Peterson, Secretary
Cheryl Straub-Morarend, DDS, Treasurer
Kevin J. Lynch, At Large
Mike Donohue, Past Chair
Barb Kehl
Nick Thompson
Gregory White, MD
Mark Dickson
Kathleen Nacos-Burds
Bill Arnold
Jason Knockel
Nicole Jedlicka, DPM
Keisharlia Sainci
Michael Jensen
Whitney Baethke

VNA Board of Directors 

Finley Health Foundation Board