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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed for adults 18+. This program provides medication review and consults by a Psychiatrist/Medical Director and diverse counseling services by a qualified mental health professional. Group, individual and family sessions are available and determined by need. Managed by our treatment team, our purpose is to support you, and your family, when adjusting to life's circumstances, illness or other changes, with a particular focus on anxiety and depressive disorders.

Who can benefit the most from this program?

Individuals who are affected by depression, anxiety or other forms of emotional distress are welcome to call to seek more information and ask questions. The additional support and treatment provided may help prevent hospitalization or while discharging from an inpatient service back to home during times of increased distress due to medical or lifestyle changes. 

What can patients expect when participating in the Intensive Outpatient Program?

The Intensive Outpatient Program includes group, individual and family therapy conducted by a social worker, medication review and consults by a psychiatrist and referrals for follow-up care at the end of the program. This program is intended to provide support and teach effective coping strategies within a 2-3 month timeframe -- three times a week, three hours a day.

Various life topics, with an intense focus on learning practical coping skills, are covered through our sessions, including grief and loss, depression, anxiety, self-defeating habits, communication, self-esteem and personal relationships.

Other services provided include:

  • Wellness Activities
  • Psychosocial Assessment/Evaluation
  • Individual and Family Therapy (depending on clinical need)

How does someone get started?

All referrals begin with a free, confidential assessment by a qualified mental health professional. The assessment includes a treatment team recommendation. The individual seeking services, their support system and/or their healthcare providers can call to start the intake process or for more information about the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), call (563) 589-2309.