Advance Directives

Making Your Wishes Known

Also known as living wills, advance directives outline predetermined actions that should be taken in regards to your health if you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself due to incapacity or illness. These legally binding documents outline your wishes regarding life support, resuscitation and other interventions for both your health care team and your family members.

If you establish Advance Directives, make sure members of your immediate family know about them and where they are located. You'll also want to share a copy with your primary care physician to include as part of your medical records, and them provide a new copy if your directives change. Be sure to also bring a copy with you when you're admitted to the hospital.

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Why make an Advance Directive now?

Completing a healthcare directives in advance allows you and your loved ones to think and discuss clearly about medical and end of life issues and what is right for you. Watch this video from the National Healthcare Decisions Day to understand the importance of making  an Advance Directive.