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Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy 

Occupational Therapists focus on improving your everyday living skills; including bathing, dressing, and eating. They also may train you on equipment that will help you better perform these daily activities. Occupational Therapists will also assist the patient in relearning skills associated with their employment settings helping to make the transition back to work more comfortable.

This gentleman had suffered a stroke which affected his balance nulland overall mobility. The Occupational Therapist helps the rehab patient relearn washing dishes and other kitchen activities, rebuilding his activity tolerance while doing so. 

Physical Therapy 

Physical Therapists will teach you exercises that help improve your balance, strength and mobility. If necessary, they also will instruct on safe and correct use of mobility devices such as walkers and canes, braces and prosthetic devices. Inpatient Rehab physical therapists will work with the patients to regain function with the goal to help patients regain their optimal independence.
Higher level balance and agility activities will help improve a patient's ability to return to an independent level of function. It is imperative for patients to have safe mobility prior to returning home.


Practicing floor recovery is an effective skill to understand. The Physical Therapist is instructing a patient on safety techniques on how to get up off of the floor in case of a fall.

Speech Language Pathology

Speech Therapists will assess and treat your ability to communicate, problem solve, and reason. They also may address problems with swallowing.

nullA speech-language pathologist administers testing and treatments to help patients improve their communication and problem solving abilities. Along with the other therapy disciplines, the speech language pathologist plays a collaborative role to assure that the Rehab patients are safe to return to their homes.

Rehab Nursing 

Our Rehabilitative nursing staff will provide around-the-clock nursing care. The specialty-trained nursing staff oversees the patient's recovery, and work closing with the unit's medical director to assure an optimal recovery for the rehab patient.
Inpatient Rehab Nurses have a diverse understanding of how Rehab and Nursing go hand-in-hand to help the patient recuperate.

The Rehab nurse is assessing a patient who suffered an unfortunate fall. The nursing staff assures that the patient is medically stable at all times. 


Allen Acute Inpatient Rehab is located on the 5th floor of Allen Hospital. Our unit is able to serve up to 12 patients with each patient room being a private room. The Therapy Gym is spacious with a multitude of therapeutic equipment.

The Community room provides a great atmosphere for the Rehab patients to eat together, socialize and participate in the recreational activities.

Therapy Gym 

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Community Room