Find high-quality care from our experienced team of orthopedic care experts at UnityPoint Health.
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From back pain to bone fractures, arthritis and knee replacement, our UnityPoint Health orthopedics team is ready to get you moving again. Orthopedics is care for the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints and muscles. Our orthopedic experts have extensive training and are leaders in new and emerging therapies, surgeries, and non-surgical treatments. When you receive care with UnityPoint Health you'll be surrounded by a comprehensive care team who will work with you to create an individualized, comprehensive care plan, which may include surgery, physical therapy, injury prevention and educational programs – all aimed at restoring your quality of life. Choose UnityPoint Health for your personalized orthopedic care today.
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Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

To care for your muscles and joints after surgery, UnityPoint  Health offers comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation services. Our rehabilitation locations offer one-on-one attention from our experienced therapists. Physical therapy facilities may located at our hospitals for inpatient recovery or also at multiple outpatient locations for continued care.
Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation