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Certification Review Courses for NCC Exams - Maternal Newborn Nursing

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Certification Review Course Maternal Newborn Nursing Exam


  • Demonstrate knowledge of physiological, psychological & sociocultural factors that affect the childbearing family with emphasis on the postpartal/neonatal period (birth-6 weeks)
  • Recognize antepartal & intrapartal factors affecting the family in the postpartal/neonatal period

  • Assess the physical status of the mother & neonate

  • Assess the psychological & sociocultural status of the childbearing family

  • Analyze data to identify nursing & educational needs of the childbearing family

  • Develop & implement an individualized plan for the childbearing family

  • Evaluate outcomes & modify the plan as necessary

  • Incorporate knowledge of current standards of practice, research & professional issues into the nursing management of the childbearing family

Applicants who  cancel less than 7 days prior to class or fail to attend at all, may not be eligible for a refund or for credit on a future training date. Please call the Mother/Baby Care Administration office at 608.417.7491 (M-F) daytime hours or e-mail msn_perinataleducation@unitypoint.org with any questions you have.

2020 Review Date

Maternal Newborn Nursing - September 24

2021 Review Date

Maternal Newborn Nursing - September 27