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Special Needs Services

Patient with Disabilities, Impairments or Language Barriers

Access to hospital facilities and services is available to patients with disabilities at all times. Special equipment and communication devices are available upon request for our patients with visual, hearing, speech and physical impairments.

In addition, arrangements can be made for verbal or sign language interpreters if needed to communicate between health care providers and the patient and family.
Please tell your nurse if any additional accommodations related to your disability or impairments are necessary to make your stay more comfortable.

If you need these services, contact Janet Lacey, RN-Director of Patient Experience or the Nursing Supervisor outside of regular business hours.

Janet Lacey
Director of Patient Experience
210 4th Ave
Grinnell, Iowa 50112
Phone: (641) 236-2524
Fax: (641) 236-4048
E-Mail Janet

You can file a grievance in person or by mail, fax, or email. If you need help filing a grievance, Janet Lacey, director of Patient Experience, is available to help you.

Patients with Special Cultural, Religious or Dietary Practices

The hospital staff respect the beliefs, attitudes and cultural lifestyles of our patients. We ask that you let us know any special needs you might have or practices that you follow. The staff will make every effort to honor your requests as long as it does not interfere with your treatment.

For more information, call the main switchboard at (641) 236-7511. Request to speak with the department where the patient will be going.

Patients that are Hearing Impaired.

We provide accommodations for patients and guests with disabilities. For the hearing impaired, we offer TTY (text telephone) capabilities.