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Billing and Insurance

What you need to know about paying for your health care services, and the different payment options and programs available.

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Health Insurance Billing

UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital will bill your health insurance carriers, provided you submit all the necessary information. This includes Medicare supplemental policies. You are responsible for any portion of your charges remaining unpaid by your insurance.

If your insurance carrier does not pay within 60 days you will receive a bill for the full balance. If you feel your insurance company should have paid your bill, please contact your insurance company or call us at (844) 849-1260.

It is also your responsibility to be aware of any exclusions, benefits, co-payments and deductibles outlined in your insurance plan.

When another health care provider is involved with your care, we will share your billing information with that provider so they can file with your insurance company directly. Other providers include: emergency room physicians, anesthesiologists, ambulance services, radiologists and pathologists, just to name a few. Their charges are billed separately and are not included in your hospital bill.

Payment Options

Finley Hospital offers these payment options:

  • Cash
  • Check/Money Order
  • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

If you are concerned about your hospital bill, Finley Hospital has other options, which we can discuss with you, such as payment arrangements or assistance through our Charity Care Program.

Self-Pay/No Insurance

Patients who do not carry insurance coverage, who do not provide Finley Hospital with adequate filing information, or who wish to file their own insurance claims are responsible for paying their hospital bill. Discounts are available to self-pay patients. Please call (563) 589-2364 for more information.

Past Due Accounts

If your account becomes past due, Finley Hospital will take appropriate action to recover the amount due. If there is a problem with your account it is your responsibility to contact the Customer Service Center to discuss a workable solution.

Certain circumstances occasionally may make it difficult to pay your bills on time; therefore payment plans may be arranged through the Customer Service Center. Learn more about financial assistance.

Medicare Benefits

Medicare requires that all tests have supporting diagnoses to demonstrate the test is medically necessary. If your physician orders a procedure or service that Medicare deems to NOT meet medical necessity, you will be asked to sign an Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN). The ABN informs you in advance that Medicare is not likely to pay for the procedure or service, and that you will be responsible for payment. By signing the ABN, you are indicating that you understand and are willing to proceed with the procedure. You will then receive a hospital bill for payment of the service(s) provided. 

You can agree to be financially responsible for the procedure by signing the ABN form, or you can refuse the tests or services. If you refuse the tests or services, you will be asked to sign a form indicating you have elected not to have the services.


Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) exists to assist seniors or those on Medicare/Medicaid with questions and concerns about their insurance. Our counselors can answer questions regarding Part A or Part B or Medicare, supplemental insurance, Managed Care, Part D prescription coverage and Long Term Care insurance.

Our counselors are well trained by the SHIIP office in Des Moines, which is under the direction of the state insurance division. As all of our counselors are volunteers, to meet with a counselor you must make an appointment by calling (563)589-2673.

The SHIIP program is sponsored by Finley Hospital and their offices are located at the corner of Grandview and West Third, with the entrance on West Third.

Services Not Billed by UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital

During your stay, you may receive treatment from providers who will bill separately for their services. Finley Hospital will give your insurance information to these providers. If you have questions about their bills, please contact them directly. Examples of separate services:

  • Ambulance services
  • All physicians' fees
  • Emergency Room physicians (physicians who provide emergency room service)
  • Radiologists (physicians who read and review X-rays)
  • Pathologists (physicians who interpret and diagnose changes in tissues and body fluids)
  • Anesthesiologists (physicians who provide anesthesia)