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Why Do You Choose St. Luke's?

Our mission is to give the healthcare we'd like our loved ones to receive. Share your story and tell us why you or your family choose St. Luke's:

Read why others are choosing St. Luke's:

I would like to comment on my recent vacation in your facility. Visiting from Al. I had some heart problems and was taken to your ER on 6/29/14. During the storms and flooding. I grew up in CR and being Catholic have always gone to Mercy. Mercy was flooded that day.

I do not entirely remember the ER visit but my husband was very impressed at how smoothly and quickly the ER team worked. Staff was very conscientious and tests were ordered and given in a timely manner. I was admitted to 3W. The care I received was exceptional.

As a retired nurse I can appreciate nurses who actually care about their work and their patients. The day shift nurses Linsey and Amy were so attentive and professional. I did not have to wait when I used my call light, my meds were given in a timely manner once the orders were received, they monitored my condition, and most importantly were able to tolerate my children and grandchildren when they were there. They had an amazing amount of patience. Even though my grand children are older they are still very energetic.

I have tried to remember my night nurse's name and it just won't come to mind. She was very friendly and always smiled. I do remember that one caregiver's name was Pepsi and she too was always smiling and professional. I would like to close by saying Thank You to the staff for making a bad experience more tolerable.

-Dee Martin 

My brother, Robert D. Houghton, had open heart surgery on Thursday, August 29, 2013. From the minute I entered St. Luke's Hospital until the day I left, Aug. 31, have never encountered a friendlier environment! Everyone seemed genuinely proud and pleased to be part of the team at St. Luke's Hospital, The surgeon and anesthesiologist were so warm and reassuring when they introduced themselves to us prior to surgery and the nurses, as well. I knew we were in good hands!

In the ICU...the staff was informative, encouraging... upbeat... patient... and friendly! I couldn't sing their praises high enough!

From the people in the gift shop... to the folks in the, cafeteria and coffee shop I never encountered a person who didn't seem pleased to be at St. Luke's Hospital... Way to go! ...and thanks for taking good care of my brother, Bob!

-Barb Houghton Kohl

"It's comforting to know we don't have to go to a big city to get excellent medical care - it's all right here in Iowa."

-Neil Boudreaux, Marion, Iowa

"I was very impressed the care your staff gave to both my mom and dad. My dad had open heart surgery in March of 2011 and the staff was wonderful and kept the family updated on his condition. What we really liked was at shift change the two nurses would come in and talk in front of us and would let us listen. The nurses and everyone involved were wonderful. My mom was a patient up at the Continuing Care Hospital they were also wonderful. She was at Mercy Medical Center for 33 days. We almost lost her. Then Dr. Boodicker transferred her to St. Luke's. She was there for 44 days. Your people gave her such good care. We as a family were told she would not be home much before Thanksgiving and she was home October 28, 2011. Every time I would go see her the staff was great. There was a couple of times that my mom was upset and the nurses on nights would either call me or they would take the time and sit with her till she feel a sleep. Your staff is outstanding. We have been a loyal patient of Mercy but from now on we plan on going to St. Luke's. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK."

-Heather Dvorsky

From a family member email to St. Luke's Emergency Department and Lifeguard staff:

"I just wanted to say thank you for making our trip to the St. Luke's Emergency Room (ER) a wonderful experience! On January 5, my six-year-old, fell and cut her forehead. I brought her to the ER knowing she would need stitches. She has a lengthy medical history and has never been to the hospital without being admitted so she was terrified. She was treated with the utmost care from the moment we walked in the door. The triage nurses calmed her down and got her laughing. She loved the coloring book they gave her to keep her occupied during the wait. Our nurse, Jen, was great and the PA, Jennifer was awesome. They explained everything they did step by step to calm her fears and her stitches look great.

But the best part was once the triage nurses found out that she had been airlifted when she was two years old. They got the Lifeguard flight staff that was working to come in and say hi to Elizabeth and after she had her stitches they brought us up to the flight deck to see the helicopter. She got to sit in it, they gave her tattoos and she even played a game on the pilot's phone! They treated her like she was a celebrity. When we left she told me that it was the best night ever. She has a very unhappy view of hospitals given her history so this was wonderful. Please acknowledge the flight crew and nurse and PA that cared for us that night. Unfortunately I do not know all of their names but they need to be recognized for their efforts to make my little girl feel better."

Thank you!

 "Love this hospital they're doing a really good job taking care of my twins."

-Terry Delinda Hill

"As a patient's daughter and a cardiovascular nurse, I would like to thank the nurses in heart care. I greatly appreciate their compassion and communication skills."

-Tina Corwin RN, BSN, Trinity Medical Center, Quad Cites, Iowa

 "I'm very clear what it takes to be a good citizen of the world. What it takes is having a little bit of Iowa, particularly a bit of St. Luke's in your heart."

-Stefi Wohnsihl, Washington, DC

 "I had such a great experience at St. Luke's. I delivered here because St. Luke's is my family's hospital."

-Sarah Jill Mulherin

"I can't begin to describe what the NICU staff did for us. They are miracle workers, great people and they are still a great comfort to my family. I can't imagine going anywhere else for NICU care."

-Tiffany Feldman, Delhi, Iowa

"I was very happy my minimally invasive heart valve surgery was available at St. Luke's. I can't say enough positive things!"

-Donna Martensen, Anamosa, Iowa

"I love to travel but it's always good to come home and know we can get great care at St. Luke's - I wouldn't have thought to go anywhere else for care."

-Ann Bromley

"We've had several NICU nurses call us since we have been home from the hospital. You really can't find that kind of care anywhere - it's unbelievable."

-Wes Brunses, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"I wrote Mr. Townsend a thank you letter because I wanted him to know how much their excellent care and kindness meant during a difficult time for me and my family."

-Muriel Owen, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"I am grateful to St. Luke's. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the experience of the nurses, doctors and therapists. I can't thank them enough."

-Deb Wendt

"It's hard to describe how grateful I am and that the doctors at St. Luke's moved so quickly to diagnose and treat my cancer. I feel blessed and glad to have the expert care."

-Becky Halverson, Frederika, Iowa

"I'm grateful for Lifeguard. I owe a lot to the Lifeguard crew and ER team."

-Cody Sojka, Vinton, Iowa

"My therapy was life-changing."

-Don Hasbrousek, Therapy Plus Patient, Marion, Iowa