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Walk-In Wellness Screenings

Allen Laboratory is now offering several wellness tests (normally not covered by insurance) at a reduced cost on a cash basis. These tests do not require a physician's order or an appointment.

When you arrive at the location convenient for you, go directly to the lab to register and pay for your tests. Cash or check accepted; no debit or credit cards. Your insurance will not be billed. You may submit to your HSA account.  See locations and hours at right.

Blood Tests Available

  • Well Chemistry Profile (20 tests)  —  $20
    • 12-hour fasting required for this test
  • Cholesterol  —  $6
  • Complete Blood Count  —  $10
  • Hepatitis C Virus  — $25
  • Glycohemoglobin (Hgb A1c)  — $15
    • A1c is used to monitor the long-term control of blood glucose concentrations on diabetic patients. It reflects the glucose level over time. It is not a substitute for daily glucose monitoring.
  • T4, Free (Thyroid)  —  $10
  • TSH (Thyroid)  — $15
    • Higher than normal TSH levels are most often due to an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). Lower than normal levels may be due to an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism).
  • PSA (Prostate)  — $15
    • Prostate specific antigen is a substance normally produced by the prostate gland. Elevated PSA levels may indicate prostate cancer or a noncancerous condition such as prostatitis or an enlarged prostate. A PSA blood test is only one part of the  screen for prostate cancer.
  • Vitamin D  — $25