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Caring Bridge LogoAt Meriter, we understand how important it is to have your family and friends close to you when you or a loved one is hospitalized or seeking treatment. That is why Meriter offers CaringBridge, an online community of support for people coping with a health issue.

With CaringBridge, you can set up your own private Web page for free to:

  • Save time and energy by updating friends and family all at once, minimizing phone calls and e-mails
  • Share photos
  • Receive messages of encouragement and support from friends and family

You can use CaringBridge before, during and after you receive care at Meriter – you can keep your CaringBridge webpage for as long as you like. Also, expectant parents are welcome to use CaringBridge!

CaringBridge is available anywhere with Internet access:

  • From home
  • On Meriter's patient wireless service
  • From a Meriter kiosk

Starting a CaringBridge webpage for yourself or a loved one is easy! 

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