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Hours & Directions

Call (319) 234-2893 or 800-583-1526 to schedule an appointment.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

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About Us

Black Hawk-Grundy Mental Health Center (BHGMHC) is a private, nonprofit, accredited community mental health center and a licensed substance use disorder provider under the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services. Our experienced staff design treatments to meet your specific needs. The BHGMHC serves those with short-term and long-term needs. Support patients of BHGMHC by making a donation.

Over the past 73 years, we have provided services to over 74,000 individuals/families in our the Cedar Valley. With almost 6,000 individuals who currently rely upon us for their services and a staff of approximately 80, we continue our efforts to respond to identified community needs in developing our services and programs.

Providers at this Location

Jason Dibben
Jason Dibben, LMSW

Mental Health Therapy

Ashley Petersen
Ashley Petersen, LMHC

Mental Health Therapy

Alyssa Fruchtenicht
Alyssa Fruchtenicht, LISW

Mental Health Therapy

April Kiefer
April Kiefer, LMSW

Mental Health Therapy

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Kelly Decker, Tlmhc

Mental Health Therapy

Samuel Rasmussen
Samuel Rasmussen, LISW

Mental Health Therapy

Theresa Kramer
Theresa Kramer, LMSW

Mental Health Therapy

Angela Bigelow
Angela Bigelow, LMHC

Mental Health Therapy

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Joyce M Andresen, LISW

Mental Health Therapy

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Alexandra Harden, Tlmhc

Mental Health Therapy

Adarienne Burrow
Adarienne Burrow, LMHC

Mental Health Therapy

Will Boelts
Will Boelts, Tlmhc

Mental Health Therapy

Abby Rickert
Abby Rickert, LISW

Mental Health Therapy

Brekahn Gasvoda
Brekahn Gasvoda, LMSW

Mental Health Therapy

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Jeremy Everett, LISW

Mental Health Therapy

Pat A Nelson
Pat A Nelson, LISW

Mental Health Therapy

Tom Eachus
Tom Eachus, LISW

Mental Health Therapy

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Shelly Whalen, LMSW

Mental Health Therapy

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Connie Poppenhagen, LISW

Mental Health Therapy

Esther Ulrich
Esther Ulrich, LMHC

Mental Health Therapy

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Emma Redington, LMSW

Mental Health Therapy

Melissa Adams
Melissa Adams, LISW

Mental Health Therapy

Manraj Padda
Manraj Padda, MD


Kelsey Ostendorf
Kelsey Ostendorf, LISW

Mental Health Therapy

Kelsey Elfritz
Kelsey Elfritz, LMHC

Mental Health Therapy

Additional Services

Care Coordination Services
Care coordination visits to new patients referred to BHGMHC from local mental health units to facilitate the transition from inpatient care to outpatient care.
Community Support (Outreach) Services
Outreach Services are provided to those with a serious and persistent mental illness to prevent or reduce the frequency and duration of inpatient hospitalizations and/or placement in more restrictive levels of care, e.g. group homes or residential placements. Services include medication monitoring, daily living skills training, crisis intervention and other related services. These services are provided in the home or in the community.

Consultation & Education Services
We provide consultation, education and training services to individuals, agencies, organizations and the community about mental health.
Emergency Services
Emergency Services are available 24 hours per day through the Center's telephone number for individuals who find themselves in a mental health crisis. A licensed mental health professional and provider on call after office hours to assist in the resolution of these crises.

Evaluation Services
Evaluation Services are designed to evaluate individuals referred by other agencies or organizations in our community. This could be the court system, Department of Human Services, the Department of Correctional Services or other entities who request mental health evaluations and treatment recommendations as part of their involvement with individuals.

Integrated Health Home for Adults with a Serious Mental Illness & Youth with a Serious Emotional Disturbance
Integrated Health Home for adults with a serious mental illness and youth with a serious emotional disturbance focus on coordinated, whole person healthcare to improve clients' health & well-being, and ensure that all their needs are met. Each IHH team consists of a Nurse, Care Coordinator, and Peer Support Specialist (Pediatric IHH offers a Family Peer Specialist). IHH/PIHH services do not replace existing health providers but are an additional support resource for clients.

Long-Acting Injection Clinic
Injection Clinic services are provided to clients who receive injectable medications to treat mental health conditions. This program has improved medication compliance, contributed to stability in the community and has prevented re-admissions for many clients who require this type of treatment.

Medication Evaluation and Management Services
Medication Evaluation and Management Services are provided to those in need of medication to treat various mental health conditions. Our medical staff consists of psychiatrists and advanced registered psychiatric nurse practitioners who are licensed to prescribe and monitor medications. This service is also provided via telehealth with providers who are outside of our community but who have an Iowa license to practice.

Mental Health Re-Entry Services at the Iowa Department of Correctional Services
Case management services provided to individuals with mental health problems on pre-trial services, probation, parole or work release.
Mental Health Recovery Peer Support Program
Peer Support Services are provided to individuals with mental health problems by staff members with lived experience with their own mental health and who have been through been through specialized training. These services are provided through our Mental Health Recovery Center, located at 624-626 Commercial Street in Waterloo. Services include one-on-one visits in the community, support groups, creative writing classes, movies, monthly meals and other related activities designed to help individuals with mental health problems increase/improve their social skills, symptom management skills and overall recovery.

Mental Therapy Services
Outpatient services involves the provision of counseling or therapy to children, adolescents, adults, couples and/or families who need assistance in dealing with various problems in life that affect their mental health. These services are provided in the office by licensed mental health professionals or students from accredited colleges or universities who are supervised by one of our licensed staff members. A brief therapy approach is used by all outpatient staff.

Nursing Services
Nursing Services are provided to individuals who require assistance in dealing with medication related issues in between visits with their psychiatrist or nurse practitioners. Our nursing staff triage issues for our medical providers, coordinate care with other medical providers, facilitate lab work and other related activities designed to ensure that issues are identified and resolved as efficiently as possible.

Patient Assistance Program
Patient Assistance Program is designed to assist those without health insurance by accessing mental health medications from pharmaceutical companies and the national AmeriCare program.

Professional Training Program
Professional Training Program provides educational experiences to those enrolled in higher educational programs. These experiences can range from a brief encounter to a job shadow or a structured internship.

School Based Mental Health Services
School Based Mental Health Services are provided to eligible students in the school setting. Evaluations, short term mental health treatment, information and referral services and group therapy services are available.

Mental Health Matters

The mental health of our community affects everyone, and that’s why Black Hawk-Grundy Mental Health Center is eager to raise awareness and funds to help meet the critical need for services.

Each year, our community benefits from a popular Mental Health Awareness Breakfast fundraiser. In 2023, Emcee Susan Rolinger engaged in extended conversations with some of our most informed speakers about mental health matters.

To help us meet the need for mental health services, mark your calendar for May 10, 2024, which is the date of the 5th annual breakfast fundraiser (more details to come). And, of course, you’re always welcome to help support behavioral health services in the Cedar Valley.

Make It OK

BHGMHC supports the Make It OK campaign.

Make It OK is an anti-stigma campaign created to encourage individuals to talk more openly about mental illness. By breaking the silence, we can help our friends, neighbors and loved ones feel understood and supported.

It's time to start talking about mental health and Make It OK.

  • It's OK to have a mental illness – many people do
  • 1 in 5 will have some type of mental illness in their lifetime
  • It's OK to talk about mental illness – talking makes people feel less alone
  • It's OK to get help with mental illness – life can get better

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