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Current Studies

The Office of Research has been involved with a variety of inpatient and outpatient studies since our office was established nearly 15 years ago. Many of the drugs and devices we have studied have received FDA approval. Here are a few examples of our successes:

Havrix™, dabigatran, alvimopan, micafungin, cinacalcet, omalizumab, dimethyl fumarate, telavancin, everolimus, methylnaltrexone, RotaTeq™, Endurant Endograft Stent™

All studies help answer an important clinical question and help lead us down the path to improved healthcare for the people of Iowa. We focus on two primary areas of research that include Clinical Trials and Investigator-Initiated Research.

Here is a listing of our current and upcoming clinical trials:

Type of Study             Problem   Physician
Phase 3 Drug
 Functional constipation in ages 6-18      Dr. Manini    
Phase 3 Drug  Bacteremia  Dr. Harvey
Phase 3 Drug  Prevention of venous thromboembolism  Dr. Lovell
Phase 3 Drug  Migraine Prevention  Dr. Rankin
Device   Lesions in the superficial femoral artery and proximal popliteal  Dr. Scott
Device  Treatment of below-the-knee (BTK) arteries  Dr. Scott
Device  Peripheral arterial disease (PAD)  Dr. Fry
Device  Drug coated vs. standard balloon angioplasty  Dr. Fry
Device  Abdominal aortic aneurysm  Dr. Fry
Device  Femoral artery or popliteal lesions  Dr. Fry
Device  Occlusion of common and external iliac arteries  Dr. Fry
Registry  Adult kidney transplant recipients treated with specific drug  Dr. Shadur
Registry   Specific non-responder heart failure subjects  Dr. Palakurthy
Registry  Multiple Sclerosis  Dr. Janus
Registry  Endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysms  Dr. Scott


We currently have investigator-initiated research projects involving patient mobility, sleep apnea, behavioral health and a variety of projects with the trauma department. For more information, please call 515-241-6727.