Amputee Rehabilitation

Younker Rehabilitation Center

Our Approach to Amputee Rehabilitation

Amputee Rehabilitation at Younker Rehabilitation focuses on pre-prosthetic care and education for above-knee and below-knee amputees. The majority of limb-loss patients we encounter are immediately post-operative. Patients and their families participate in extensive education and training to maximize their functional independence and quality of life. Our goal is to empower you to direct your care once you have received all the education and training needed to successfully transition to home.

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Treatment and Advanced Technology in Amputee Rehabilitation

Our team of expert clinicians will collaborate with other professionals, including prosthetists and assistive technology professionals (ATPs), to ensure you have the appropriate equipment for a successful transition to home. We will teach you about daily skin care of the residual limb, shaping the residual limb, proper positioning of the limb, exercises and walking/transfer skills. We also cover techniques for desensitization of the residual limb, managing phantom limb sensations/pain, community resources, prevention of secondary complications associated with amputation, care of incisional wounds or other open areas, diabetic management and prosthetic options.

Our wheelchair specialist will collaborate with a certified ATP to evaluate your need for a wheelchair, pressure relieving cushion and wheelchair accessories (such as an amputee leg rest) during your stay at Younker Rehabilitation and for your transition to home. A prescription for short-term wheelchair rental before receiving your prosthetic limb affords you maximal functional independence in your home and community environments.