UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

Experience & Care

For more than one hundred years, we have been committed to providing high-quality, compassionate medical care. The physicians, nurses and staff of Iowa Methodist Medical Center, Iowa Lutheran Hospital, Blank Children's Hospital, Methodist West Hospital, John Stoddard Cancer Center and our more than 50 UnityPoint Clinic locations throughout Central Iowa are dedicated to providing quality health care and health education.

Experience you can count on, in your time of need

At UnityPoint Health - Des Moines, we focus on the care our patients receive. With our focus on care, we have developed unique services that provide dedicated care to our patients:

Care Coordinators

At John Stoddard Cancer Center, we provide Care Coordinators who help patients through their entire healing process - providing education, encouragement, facilitating multidisciplinary care, supporting the patient throughout the entire healing process, and much more. John Stoddard Cancer Center is the only hospital to offer such a service to patients.

Patients appreciate the dedicated care they receive from their Care Coordinators. The Care Coordinators help relieve stress by facilitating care between physicians, nurses, dietitians, and counselors. Patients have expressed gratitude for providing a service that enables them to focus solely on their care.

Child Life Specialists

At Blank Children's Hospital, we provide a Child Life service for our young patients. Child Life Specialists help both the patients and their families understand medical options, talk through emotions while keeping the patient's life as normal as possible, ease nerves prior to procedures and so much more.