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Primary Care Coordination at UnityPoint Health - Grinnell Clinics

What does Care Coordination mean to you and your loved ones?

A care coordinator is a registered nurse who works alongside your primary care provider as a member of your care team. They are certified in chronic disease management, and have a passion for teaching patients and their families how to achieve and maintain quality of life through a healthy lifestyle.

Primary care physicians at UnityPoint Health - Grinnell Family Practice Clinic and Montezuma Medical Clinic work closely with our care coordinator. Find out which providers are accepting new patients.

Meet Katie Wilmes, BSN, RN, Care Coordinator at UnityPoint Health - Grinnell Primary Care Clinics

Katie Wilmes, BSN, RN, Care Coordinator

Care coordinators bring knowledge and experience to your care team, and are uniquely positioned to help you find the tools and resources you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By working closely with you and your family physician, they gain a full understanding of your daily life. By identifying your specific circumstances and personal challenges, they are able to help you plan and implement implement lifestyle modifications that truly work for you.

"I strive to equip each person with the education and tools they need to succeed. Whether that's a portion plate, exercise, food journaling or even just being someone to hold them accountable to their goals and celebrate their progress with them." -Katie Wilmes, BSN, RN, Care Coordinator

Melissa and KatieMelissa (left), one of Katie's patients, lost more than 90 pounds in six months. "I feel so much better. I have way more energy than before; I don't feel nearly as tired as I used to," Melissa says.

The components of a healthy lifestyle Katie emphasizes are diet and exercise. "I use current dietary guidelines to inform patients about their nourishment options. This includes recommended portions, eating clean, and increasing intake of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and healthy carbohydrates. Nutrition can be overwhelming. It's really about finding a healthy lifestyle – not a fad diet."

Finding what kind of physical activity works with a person's life is also essential. "I encourage an active lifestyle that's tailored to each individual I work with," Katie says. "Customized support is key for them to experience success and be able to make a lifestyle change to support their health goals."

Melissa before and after losing 87 pounds

The relationship of support and trust that Melissa and Katie built helped Melissa accomplish her wellness goals. "Katie is such a great supporter," Melissa says. "She encourages me and celebrates my successes with me. She really believes in me and even wrote me a handwritten card to congratulate me on achieving my goals. I feel like she is truly my life coach and that support has made such a huge difference."

Katie values getting to know her patients as unique individuals. "I previously worked in home health care – and one of the aspects of that work that I enjoyed and is similar to what I do now, is truly getting to know patients and their lifestyle away from the doctor's office."

Grinnell Family Practice and Montezuma Medical Clinic physicians support the development of those essential relationships between a person and their entire care team. "I love working at UnityPoint Health - Grinnell because of our great providers," Katie says. "They refer people to me that could benefit from some extra education, guidance and support to reach their wellness goals. The providers then receive updates from me about progress their patients are making."

The primary care physicians at Grinnell Family Practice and Montezuma Medical Clinic are here to support you in all your wellness goals. Choose a primary care provider for you and your family.