School & Sports Physical Exams

Call your clinic or use the MyUnityPoint patient portal to schedule an appointment with your child's primary care provider.

There's nothing more important than the health and safety of your children. From well-child exams to annual back-to-school and sports physical exams, our providers are here to care for your family.

What are Annual Physical Exams?

Annual physicals involve your pediatrician or family doctor looking at your child's:

  • Overall well-being in the past year
  • Family health history
  • Development and growth
  • Basic eye exam results
  • Vaccination history

An annual physical is classified as a preventive care exam. This means the focus is on overall growth and development, ensuring your child is reaching appropriate milestones for their age. While it's a good time to bring up concerns, the purpose of this visit is not to treat symptoms.

How Can We Prepare for an Annual Physical Appointment?

Your child should not be stressed or worried about the appointment. To help relieve nerves, explain the purpose of the appointment and a brief overview of what to expect. If you know your child will receive a vaccination, it's a good idea to mention those ahead of time to minimize surprises in the office. You can prepare for the appointment by bringing:

  • Their most recent insurance card
  • A summary of the child's personal medical history and any changes to family medical history
  • A list of your child's prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines
  • Any forms you need the doctor to fill out for your child's school or sports teams—hand those to the staff member who takes you and your child into the examination room area

Why are Physical Exams Required?

Schools and sports teams use annual physicals to protect the entire student population. Knowing students are up to date on vaccinations and generally healthy helps prevent outbreaks from occurring among the students.

Annual physicals also help ensure all athletes are physically ready for the season, helping prevent possible injuries.