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Quad Cities Heart Specialists

Meet Our Heart Center Team

The Quad Cities' leading heart center team is at UnityPoint Health – Trinity. You have access to highly skilled heart experts, including specialties that are not widely available in the region. We work with an experienced and caring staff to tailor care to your needs.

Most heart doctors have completed advanced training through fellowships. All of them use leading methods for diagnosing and treating heart disease, so you receive the services that are right for you. We hold ourselves to the highest care standards, giving you the best chances for excellent results.


Cardiologists who partner with Trinity are among the best in the area and deliver a full range of services to support your heart health.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Interventional cardiology: These specialists diagnose and treat heart problems using long, flexible tubes (catheters) and tiny instruments. Find out more about cardiac catheterization.
  • Noninvasive testing: Doctors assess cardiovascular problems using instruments and technologies that do not touch your heart directly. Examples include nuclear imaging scans and stress testing. Get more information about heart tests.
  • Electrophysiology: These specialized cardiologists evaluate arrhythmias, problems affecting the heart's electrical system.

Cardiac Surgeons

Trinity is home to experienced cardiac surgeons, one of whom is a permanent member of our staff. This close relationship makes it easier to collaborate on complex cases, like valve replacements. We offer hybrid procedures that combine the expertise of interventional cardiologists and surgeons when necessary. Explore open-heart surgery.

Cardiac surgeons belong to Cardiac Surgery Associates (CSA), a group committed to cardiovascular surgery excellence. Our long-standing relationship with CSA and their surgeons' experience helps more people achieve their heart health goals.

Other Members of Our Heart Center Team

You may also receive care from:

  • Cardiac nurses: Registered nurses specializing in heart problems work with cardiologists and surgeons to keep your care moving forward.
  • Case managers: People with severe heart conditions, including heart failure, benefit from the assistance of case managers who coordinate appointments and support.
  • Exercise specialists: If you need cardiac rehabilitation, specialists develop a personalized plan to strengthen your heart with exercise. Find out more about cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Pastoral care staff: Trinity chaplains provide spiritual support to people whose lives have been touched by severe heart disease. Explore spiritual care.
  • Perfusionists: These professionals oversee the heart-lung machine that takes over for your heart during open-heart surgery.
  • Respiratory therapists: If you need machines to help you breathe, therapists provide testing and monitoring to optimize your care. 
  • Testing technicians: If you need a noninvasive heart test, like an electrocardiogram (EKG), technicians administer it. For advanced testing, technicians assist cardiologists.

Contact Us

Connect with a member of our cardiovascular team by calling us at 309-779-5340.