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Quad Cities Heart Specialists

Quad Cities' Leading Cardiovascular Specialists

Quad Cities' leading cardiovascular specialists at Trinity are focused on clinical outcomes and quality to provide remarkable outcomes for patients. Trinity's phenomenal results could not be made without the great team of cardiovascular specialists, including cardiologists, heart and vascular surgeons and other physicians, who oversee the care of our patients. They work closely with our highly-skilled and caring staff who have extensive experience to meet your heart care needs.

Trinity Cardiologists

Our Trinity cardiologists are the best in the area and willingly bring their knowledge and expertise to your bedside. Trinity Heart Center provides a full range of cardiology services to support the health care needs of patients throughout the Quad Cities region. Specialists at Trinity focus on: non-invasive testing including nuclear and echo as well as invasive cardiac catheterization and transesophageal echocardiography; and interventional cardiology to include angioplasty. Interventional cardiologists require special training and experience in addition to their cardiology training. These procedures can also be performed in other arteries (for example, femoral and carotid arteries) in the body. This is called peripheral intervention. Trinity has physicians who specialize in peripheral vasculature care and intervention.

Trinity also has cardiac electrophysiologists on its heart team who diagnose and treat heart rhythm abnormalities. Electrophysiologists afford patients an array of diagnostics and treatment such as "mapping" of the heart's electrical system, pulmonary ablation and pacemakers. Cardiac electrophysiologists require special training and experience in addition to their cardiology training.

To learn more about or find a cardiologist, visit Find a Doctor.

Trinity Heart and Vascular Surgeons

You can also visit our surgery page for information on all the surgical services we provide related to cardiology and heart disease. Trinity is proud to present our team of superbly-trained and educated heart surgeons. They are not only highly capable heart surgeons, they also are highly sophisticated in their interpersonal skills. The Trinity heart surgery team offers skilled and successful heart surgeries in our community hospital setting, with meticulous attention to patient outcomes. Also, all of the surgeons are double-board certified and are an integral part of the Trinity heart team which is consistently recognized for excellence in heart care. Caring for patients is more than just a job to these skilled and compassionate specialists, it is their calling in life. Saving hearts can be a challenging endeavor, but they welcome that challenge and deliver outstanding results.

The surgeons serving the Quad-Cities area belong to Cardiac Surgery Associates (CSA), a group of surgeons committed to excellence in the practice of cardiac, thoracic and peripheral vascular surgery. 

  • All of the surgeons are double-board certified and are an integral part of the Trinity heart team which is consistently recognized for excellence in heart care.
  • They are part of the biggest heart surgery team in Illinois and Iowa and are the fifth largest in the nation.
  • They staff 20 heart surgery programs in Illinois, Iowa and Indiana.
  • They perform 3,500 open hearts a year and 4,000 vascular and thoracic cases a year. 
  • Many of the surgeons teach at Loyola University in Chicago, the number one heart center in the state of Illinois as judged by U.S. News & World Report.
  • They have the only registry for surgical treatment of Marfan's Syndrome in Illinois.
  • They have the largest abdominal aortic aneurysm stent graft program in Illinois.
  • They have one of the largest thoracic stent graft programs in the U.S.
  • They have the only total artificial heart transplant program in Illinois.
  • They have the only lung transplant program in Illinois. 

Partnering Physicians

These physicians serve as key members of the team who perform the initial diagnosis, provide referral to the team and offer follow-up. Pulmonologists, nephrologists and neurologists are utilized to add their expertise for those patients who are having open-heart surgery. Together, these physicians work closely with the surgeon and cardiologists to provide vital evaluation and monitoring of patients.

Other Key Cardiovascular Specialists & Heart Team Members

Emergency Care

Time is of vital importance when treating a heart attack. The longer you wait the more heart muscle is damaged. Never delay calling 911 for help if you suspect you are having a heart attack. At Trinity, our emergency department physicians and staff are specially trained to quickly assess and treat our patients.

Cardiac Research

Our cardiac research team at Trinity participates in industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated research projects in a variety of cardiac sub-specialties including invasive and non-invasive cardiology, electrophysiology and heart failure management. In 2010, our cardiac research team participated in 14 research studies enrolling over 500 patients. Our goal in cardiac research is to incorporate the research findings into improved patient care measures and outcomes.

Respiratory Therapists

Licensed therapists work closely with the other members of the health care team to provide overall support and therapy for all pulmonary issues. Services provided include therapy to optimize lung function and mechanical ventilation.

Registered Nurses

Our nursing staff in the operating room assist the surgeon and other members of the surgical team during the procedure. Surgical Intensive Care and Cardiac Registered Nurses are on the units to offer the highly technical assessment and monitoring expertise needed to provide excellent patient care, 24 hours a day. In addition to caring for patients in the operating room, Trinity has highly skilled cardiac nurses in its Cardiac Cath Lab, Cardiac Treatment Unit and Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit. These nurses work with your physician and care team to help you on the road to recovery.


During surgery, the trained professional operates the heart-lung machine when the patient's heart is stopped during the procedure.

Non-Invasive Diagnostic Testing Technicians

These professionals are trained in the latest technology and offer non-invasive diagnostic testing including trans-esophageal, trans-thoracic, echocardiography and stress echoes, EKG's, holter monitor tests, stress tests and vascular lab tests. New advancements in this area include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and the CAT scan angiogram (CTA). MRI tests assess cardiac function and the extent of heart damage in those with blockages of heart arteries. CTA tests are a less invasive way to look at the heart, heart arteries and aortas. Both MRI and CTA tests form three-dimensional imaging of the areas under examination.

Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization Team

The cardiologists work hand-in-hand with highly trained nurses and radiology technicians in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab. Trinity's state-of-the-art Cardiac Cath Lab offers the latest in heart care technology. Results from procedures done in the lab indicate the extent of a patient's heart problems. This information is vital for determining which medical or surgical treatment is the most appropriate for the patient. Interventional cardiology procedures, such as angioplasty and stent placement, are performed in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Staff

This includes exercise physiologists, registered nurses and the other members of the team who provide Phase I, II and III cardiac rehabilitation. They also help those who have had heart attacks, suffer with congestive heart failure or have undergone open-heart and/or interventional procedures to make necessary lifestyle changes to reach their maximum potential.

Case Managers

Trinity has designated Case Managers to assist patients who have had heart attacks, have congestive heart failure or have undergone open-heart and interventional procedures. These dedicated registered nurses and social workers communicate closely with the physicians and nurses on the units and outside social agencies to ensure the patient and their families receive the necessary follow-up care and resources after they leave the hospital.

Pastoral Care Staff

Open-heart surgery affects the entire family. A Trinity Chaplain can offer spiritual assistance to patients and their families during this difficult time.