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UnityPoint Health - Jones Regional Medical Center

Inpatient Care at Jones Regional Medical Center

Beginning May 6, 2020, UnityPoint Health will test all patients admitted to our hospitals for COVID-19. This includes planned admissions and transfers of all ages who have not been tested for COVID-19 in the prior 72 hours.

At Jones Regional Medical Center, our sole purpose is to provide the best care possible to you and your family in a caring and comfortable environment. The small community feeling among the staff is directly reflected in the personal care each patient receives. Our patients are our highest priority. We believe that all patients have the right to make choices and the right to preserve their self-respect, dignity, and privacy.

While at Jones Regional, you will be cared for by a hospitalist. A hospitalist is a doctor who specializes in caring for patients while they are in the hospital. Hospitalists do not see patients outside of the hospital, allowing them to give their complete attention to our patients.

Acute medical needs can be complex and frightening. Illness may develop quickly or be chronic in nature. We are prepared to provide care for adults experiencing these situations. Our Registered Nurses and Paramedics are trained in advance cardiac support and emergency care.

Jones Regional also offers skilled nursing services. Skilled nursing provides comprehensive care for patients who are recovering from illness or injury, have a set course of treatment, no longer require intense monitoring, testing and/or procedures, and meet admission guidelines for these services. The service provides short-term care for those who need further medical care before returning home or to a long-term care setting. The average length of stay in the service is less than 10 days. Patients in the service can participate in activities reflecting their interests and abilities. These may include arts and crafts, games, music and other hobbies. Jones Regional Medical Center is equipped to provide respite and Hospice care to individuals who need that special care for chronic and end of life services. You don't have to travel hours or miles to have excellent qualified healthcare. We're right here for you!

Teamwork & Recovery

Our staff believes in a team approach to healing, with the patient being at the center of the team. Staff encourages the patient's family to become involved in the healing process and to assist in meeting the patient's needs. Together the team, including the patient and family, develop discharge goals and a plan of care. The team works together to help the patient meet his or her goals and to attain his or her peak level of functioning. Our care team includes:

  • Patient and family
  • Nursing staff
  • Providers
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Activity coordinator
  • Pharmacist
  • Dietician
  • Social worker
  • Wound nurse
  • Infection Prevention nurse
  • Support personnel

Recovery is the main focus for patients at Jones Regional. Family and friends are welcome any time and play an important role in healing and recovery. Patients may arrange for special celebrations and/or parties for such things as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or other special days.

Contact Us

Call (319) 462-6131 or e-mail the nursing department for more information on or to set up a visit at Jones Regional Medical Center's Nursing Unit.