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Jones Regional Medical Center Urgent Care - Anamosa

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UnityPoint Health - Jones Regional Medical Center

History of UnityPoint Health- Jones Regional Medical Center

1894 Hospital opens

1902 Fire destroyed the majority of the building, then known as The Prospect Park Sanitarium. It was located where the current parking lot is south of Jones Regional. $3,500 was collected in donations along with insurance money and the building was rebuilt.

1913 Mercy Hospital was named from the previous Prospect Park Sanitarium.

1918 Nurses training school began. 60 nurses had graduated by the time it closed in 1930.

1928 Dr. John L Bailey was born.

He was delivered by Dr. J.D. Paul at the Bailey farmhouse. The cost was $25. After the birth a meal was prepared for the doctor. Neither the doctor nor patient had insurance. The only paperwork done was a birth certificate!

1928 Community Health of Jones County began providing in-home care and educational services.

1930 During the depression the hospital experienced tough times. Farmers paid their bills in product, the county paid $12 per week for some patients and infirm patients paid as little as $1 per day.

1942 Cost for baby delivery

  • Nine days in hospital at $2.50/day = $22.50
  • Delivery Room                        $5.00
  • Dressings                                 $ 4.50
  • Drugs                                      $ .25
  • Total Bill                                 $32.25

1947 Cost for Tonsillectomy

  • In Room and Care      $6.00
  • Operating Room         $10.00
  • Lab Fee                       $ 1.00
  • Total Cost                   $17.00

1949 1150 patients admitted, 307 babies born, average patient stay 5-45 days.

1950 $35,000 remodeling project completed.

1957 Anamosa Hospital Auxiliary was formed. Mrs. Merrill Rawson, president of the Anamosa Business and Professional Women's Organization, promoted a meeting which led to its organization.

1959 2361 patients discharged, 202 births, 288 surgical patients, 1166 x-ray patients, 13,450 laboratory procedures performed.

1965 104 Broadway Place building was completed. Previous structures were owned & operated by Sisters of Mercy. $400,000 was donated by the community and $170,000 was borrowed to build the facility.

January 1974 Broadway Medical Clinic was built adjacent to the hospital.

1982 St. Luke's began leasing and managing hospital.

1983 Rainbow Daycare opened. The former nun's house was revamped into the current daycare center.

1983 Surgical Open began

1988 Adult Day Care Started

1990 Kids Quest Before and After School Program began

1999 Relationship with St. Luke's redefined and name changed from Anamosa Community Hospital to Jones Regional Medical Center

July 1, 2000 Critical Access Hospital Designation

2002 Stopped delivering babies

January 2004 Staff ER Physicians


  • Large ancillary & outpatient base
  • Strong relationship with the medical staff, the Jones Regional Foundation, the Auxiliary, and volunteers
  • 25-bed inpatient
  • Mission: to be healthcare provider of choice in Jones County
  • Member of American Hospital Association & Iowa Hospital Association
  • Licensed by State of Iowa
  • Certified by Dept. of Inspections & Appeals
  • Facility owned by Anamosa Community Hospital (ACH) corporation
  • Part of the Iowa Health System
  • Serve 4,600 people each month

October 13, 2009 – New Facility Opens at 1795 Hwy 64 East, Anamosa

22-bed inpatient

– UnityPoint Health – Jones Regional Medical Center

2016 – Expansion Project complete, 20,000 square feet addition and 10,000 square foot renovation to expand services including Lab, Surgery, Center for Specialty Medicine, Rehabilitation Areas, Emergency Department, Infusion Center and Urgent Care.

About UnityPoint Health® Jones Regional

As a leader in community health care, UnityPoint Health - Jones Regional Medical Center is the only hospital in the Jones County area and cares for more than 5,500 people each month. The state-of-the-art facility specializes in 24-hour emergency care, lab and radiology, inpatient hospital visits and nursing care; outpatient surgeries and clinics; counseling; and rehabilitation. Jones Regional Medical Center's mission is to improve the health of the people and the communities we serve.