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Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)

More people with heart valve disease turn to UnityPoint Health – Trinity because of our experience with advanced options like transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). Our team approach and experience from performing hundreds of procedures give you the best chances for exceptional results.

Who Is TAVR for? How Does It Help?

TAVR may offer a solution if you have aortic valve stenosis. Your aortic valve moves blood from the heart out to the body. In a healthy aortic valve, small tissue flaps (leaflets) snap open and shut to move blood forward. With aortic valve stenosis, stiffened (thickened) leaflets limit how much blood can pass through.

A TAVR procedure restores healthy blood flow by replacing a diseased aortic valve with an artificial one. Doctors deliver the replacement valve using minimally invasive techniques instead of open surgery, for care that's gentler on your body. 

TAVR for Aortic Valve Stenosis at Trinity: Why Choose Us?

You receive care from cardiovascular disease specialists who have advanced training through fellowships. Our experience from regularly performing TAVR procedures leads to efficient care and lower complication risks.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Focus on safety: A heart surgeon and interventional cardiologist (catheterization specialist) meticulously plan and deliver your procedure for precise care that meets your needs. These specialists are part of Cardiac Surgery Associates and Cardiovascular Medicine, P.C. Meet our heart team.
  • Specialized procedure room: We perform TAVR procedures in the catheterization lab, a room dedicated to minimally invasive heart care. The cath lab also has surgical equipment, enabling us to address potential complications immediately. Learn more about cardiac catheterization.
  • History of innovation: As regional leaders in cardiovascular care, we have decades of experience delivering advanced therapies. And when new treatments become available, you'll often find them at Trinity. Learn about other Heart Center Milestones.

The TAVR Procedure: What to Expect

You receive a comprehensive evaluation to determine whether you might benefit from TAVR. The team also considers whether you are healthy enough to undergo minimally invasive surgery.

If TAVR is right for you, here's what to expect:

  • You receive medication (general anesthesia or light sedation) that puts you to sleep and temporarily blocks sensations, like pain.
  • Surgeons make a small incision in your upper leg or chest and insert a long, narrow tube (catheter).
  • The replacement valve is at the catheter tip. We use special imaging technology to guide it into place.
  • The new valve pushes the diseased leaflets out of the way and starts working immediately.
  • We remove the catheter and close the incision.
  • You recover in our cardiac treatment unit overnight and go home in a few days. Some patients go home the day after the procedure.

Supporting Your Long-Term Heart Health Through Rehabilitation

Our nationally recognized cardiac rehabilitation program uses a personalized approach to keep your care moving forward. You start rehabilitation shortly after recovering from your TAVR procedure. Find out more about cardiac rehabilitation.

Contact Us

Connect with a member of our cardiovascular team by calling us at 309-779-5340.