Emergency Department

202 S. Park St.
Madison, WI 53715

12 min Average

Community Resources

Smoking Cessation

Crisis Support

Support Groups (many have virtual options with links on their websites)


  • Headspace, virtual meditation training program Meditation and Sleep Made Simple.
  • Insight Timer, virtual meditation app with free access to thousands of talks and practices on meditation and mindfulness.
  • Heart of Recovery, meditation based 12 step group.
  • Refuge Recovery, meditation based recovery program.


If you are a current patient and need help with getting insurance or with paying your bills, please tell your NewStart provider and call the Meriter Financial Coordinators at 608-417-5035. You may be eligible for reduced fees and/or financial aid. 


Housing resources are very limited and typically take a long time to access. There are many community resources to help with this process though. 

Domestic Abuse

Pet Care

Residential AODA treatment

Finding timely residential treatment is challenging. We recommend that you discuss this with your NewStart therapist, or call your insurance to find out which programs they cover. 


LGBTQ Support