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What's it like to be a therapist at NewStart:

General Work Environment

  • All therapists receive ample clinical supervision, both in groups as well as with an individual supervisor. Even for a seasoned therapist, this can help enhance job satisfaction and a sense of efficacy in their therapy relationships.

  • NewStart therapists work closely with our team of addiction medicine doctors and nurses to ensure seamless treatment goals and interventions for our clients. 

  • If you are someone with an endless eye towards professional development and you prefer having colleagues to consult with, consider a career with us. 

Other miscellaneous benefits of working at NewStart:

  • NewStart therapists qualify for Federal Student Loan Forgiveness. 

  • Clinical Supervision is provided in house.

  • Almost all biennial CEUs for Wisconsin licensure are provided in house.

  • We will provide funding for advance trainings/ specialization/ certifications for therapists that have been with us for at least a year. 

  • Opportunities to contribute to the learning of new professionals in the field. 

  • Strong culture of work/ life balance, staying within your scheduled hours, and not having to communicate with colleagues on your days off. 

  • No on call or weekend, or night shift work.

  • You get paid even if your client doesn't show, which allows us to be more flexible when our clients with significant systemic barriers to treatment can't always attend.  

Quotes from Our Team

  • At NewStart, you are able to practice within your own scope and exercise clinical judgment, while knowing you have access to competent, supportive clinical supervision. Having the doctors and nurses on site for collaborative patient care is one of my favorite parts of working at NewStart and an amazing resource to offer our staff and patients.  

  • We really work well as a team, and take time to find out what makes each of us unique. We are willing to make changes to keep up to date with the science of addiction.

  • The team is great, ongoing support and insights from a team of professionals that come from different theory bases and disciplines is awesome. I feel valued and always given an opportunity for growth in my profession. [We] are encouraged to seek out learning.

  • I genuinely enjoy working with my colleagues, and I love our open door, collaborative culture. I have stayed because of our culture, which includes NewStart's decision to have no cap on Medicare / Medicaid patients and the focus on providing supervised hours for in-training staff. 

  • It's a collaborative workplace with genuine colleagues committed to skillfully serving people who are most in need. NewStart is a place to gain great depth of clinical experience while getting supervised hours within a highly respected health care system.

  • I would encourage a friend to come and work at NewStart because of the just principles in addressing problems that arise.

  • I have stayed at NewStart because of the supportive atmosphere. The administration has committed to a culture of safety and improved patient experience which includes diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am proud to be here and actually cried when I heard a patient expressing feelings of being judged in ER. This is the best and most supportive clinic I have ever worked in and I feel a sense of pride and ownership about being part of NewStart and UnityPoint Health - Meriter