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Childbirth Education Classes

Whatever life stage you're in - whether you're looking to start a family, are pregnant, are a new parent or an experienced parent, Finley Hospital offers pregnancy and maternity classes as well as support groups for your entire family.

Your stay at  Finley Hospital's Family Birthing Suites is only part of our total maternity program. We have classes for every need before, during and after delivery.

The majority of our pregnancy and maternity classes are free and are held in the Delhi Medical Center 3rd Floor Conference Room. At this time, classes are beginning to move back to an in-person format, but is at the discretion of the class instructor. Those who register for any of the childbirth education or breastfeeding classes will be contacted prior to class for location details and confirmation.

To register for childbirth education classes or to view the classes & events calendar, click here. For additional questions about childbirth education classes, call (563) 583-BABY.

Childbirth Preparation Class

You're having a baby! Congratulations! A joyous event awaits you. The birth of your baby can be one of life's most cherished and fulfilling events. Join us for a preparation course on developing a birth plan, breathing and relaxation techniques, pain management option, exercises, baby care and more. This class is available in two formats: one day and a weekly series for 4 weeks. Class includes educational materials. 

Family Birthing Suites Tour

Mothers-to-be and their spouse/support person tour our Family Birthing Suites, Level II Nursery and C-section surgery suite. The tour allows time to ask questions of our experienced birth care team. After the tour, you'll see why more moms choose Finley Hospital to welcome their baby into the world. 

Caesarean Class

Parents-to-be who are anticipating a Caesarean birth learn what to expect during pregnancy, the birth and postpartum. The class includes an audiovisual presentation and ample opportunity for you to ask questions. 

Registration online not available. Please call to register: (563) 583-BABY

VBAC Program (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean)

Learn guidelines regarding the probability of a vaginal birth after a previous Caesarean section. Benefits of choosing a VBAC delivery, fears and emotional hurdles in labor and designing your birth plan will be discussed. Husbands/support persons are also encouraged to attend. 

Registration online not available. Please call to register: (563) 583-BABY

Breastfeeding Class

Provides information to help you make an informed decision about how to feed your baby. Breast preparation, pumping, supplemental feeding and returning to work will also be discussed. 

Sibling Class

This class is currently on hold. Will your child(ren) view the arrival of a new brother or sister with enthusiasm ... or suspicion? This class helps children accept the newborn - and become an active participant in the occasion - by explaining the care that the baby will require. Children will be taken on a tour of the Family Birthing Suites. 

Grandparents Class

Much has changed since your parents brought you into the world. This class updates grandparents on the various aspects of having a baby and child care today. It helps them share the joy of today's birth experience and become more helpful in caring for the newborn. 

Breastfeeding Support Group

During your hospital stay, we help you get breastfeeding off to a good start. Once you are home, it's normal to have questions regarding common challenges, returning to work and beginning supplemental feedings. This weekly mother-to-mother support group helps provide continued assistance, information and sharing of experiences with other mothers just like you. A lactation consultant will weigh your baby and assist you with questions.