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Babka Surgery Suites

Orthopedic Surgery Care Path

What to Expect - Patient Care Path

Surgeon Office Visit

Patient referred to Finley's surgical services.

Preadmission Testing

The pre-admission testing nurse will meet or call you first. Your doctors' orders, lab tests, x-rays will be reviewed and a complete health history will be taken. This is a chance to ask questions about your surgery. 

Babka Outpatient Center - Preoperative Preparation

The Babka Outpatient Center is where you will start your surgical experience. The nurses here will prepare you for surgery. They will review your health history. Depending on your procedure you may experience: 

  • an IV started
  • meet with anesthesia
  • receive pre-operative medications

Your surgical site will be verified and possibly prepped for surgery. 


Specialized physicians perform surgery in state-of-the-art surgical suites with RNs, certified OR techs, anesthesia personnel, patient centered care techs.  

After Hospital Care or Hospital Stay

May include rehabilitation, pain management, patient education and discharge, and designated orthopedic nurse.