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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Iowa Health - Des Moines change its name?

Iowa Health - Des Moines is part of a larger health organization called Iowa Health System. Effective April 16, Iowa Health System changed its name to UnityPoint Health. We will now refer to our local system - Methodist, Lutheran, Blank Children's, John Stoddard Cancer Center and Methodist West - as "UnityPoint Health - Des Moines."

Will the hospital names go away?

No, the heritage of Methodist, Lutheran, Blank Children's, John Stoddard Cancer Center and Methodist West is an important part of our history and will continue to be identified with those buildings. No matter what we change our overall organization name to, from a consumer's perspective, our hospitals will always be Methodist, Lutheran, Blank, John Stoddard and Methodist West.

At the same time, because we have multiple hospital campuses, clinics and home care services, it is important for us to have a unifying name that makes it easier for patients to recognize our continuum of services throughout Central Iowa - for us that is UnityPoint Health - Des Moines. 

Did somebody buy you out?

No, we are still part of the same health system - UnityPoint Health. We changed our name to better communicate our mission and how clinics, hospitals and home care services work together to provide care to our patients. In addition, our health system is growing beyond Iowa - so we needed a name that better reflected that.  

Will anything change with my care and doctors?

The staff and providers all remain the same. All insurance providers will continue to recognize care provided throughout our system based on their current contracts and reimbursement rates. Think of it as a new name with the same great care.

Our focus is on improved communication and collaboration between your clinic, hospital, home care and community, resulting in better outcomes for our patients.