Patient Satisfaction and Quality Scores


At UnityPoint Health, we want to give you the "Best Outcome Every Patient, Every Time." One of the ways we try to get better is by reviewing quality and patient satisfaction information you provide us. In every area of our health system, we have teams that dig into the numbers and read about the best way to make your visit with us better, we call this best practice or evidence-based practice.

Your Satisfaction is Key to Delivering Quality Health Care

Our ability to surround you with a team of compassionate doctors, nurses and staff, and to be able to talk with you in the clinic, hospital or home, is key to your satisfaction. This means that we depend on information provided by you to help us know that we are, in fact, reaching our goal of "Best Outcome Every Patient, Every Time."

When you click a report below, you'll be sent straight to the results gathered by the federal government. We do this to show that we do not change the data in any way.

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