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UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

Advanced Technology

As part of our commitment to excellence in patient care, UnityPoint Health - Des Moines is pleased to offer our patients advanced technology in our hospitals and cancer center. This allows us to provide the best quality care and treatments to our patients. 

State-Of-The-Art Tools, Revolutionary Treatment

TrueBeam STx

Radiosurgery can be the treatment of choice for certain cancers. The TrueBeam STx system is the latest in advanced radiosurgery technology, and John Stoddard is excited to be the first in the Midwest to offer this revolutionary treatment option to our patients starting in February, 2011.

Redefining radiosurgery, TrueBeam STx is a technological leap forward. Performing a number of treatment techniques such as stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) and stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), its power, accuracy and speed set it ahead of more conventional treatments. 

Numerous features, like a High-Intensity Mode, multiple energy levels, high-definition beam shaping and very sophisticated imaging and motion management systems, give our providers game-changing tools to design optimal treatments for their patients. In fact, TrueBeam STx opens the door to new possibilities to treat cancer cases in the brain, lung, liver, pancreas and spine.

Beyond its impressive technical achievements, TrueBeam STx was designed with many features that enhance patient comfort and improve the overall patient experience. With shorter treatment times and quieter operation, TrueBeam STx provides for a comfortable environment for patients. Enhanced communication technology enables a constant interaction between the patient and the therapist who operates the equipment. Three closed-circuit television systems enable the therapist to monitor the patient at all times. Music can be played during treatment, helping to increase patient comfort.

In the war against cancer, TruBeam STx is our newest weapon of choice.

Responder 5

Methodist West Hospital was first in the nation to implement Responder 5 technology. With Responder 5, the right person gets the right call at the right time. Calls coming from a patient can be relayed directly to the nurse's wireless phone or pager - real time. Best of all, this nurse call system is quiet - which promotes a healing stress free environment.

Everything about Responder 5 relieves nurses from wasted effort, so they can spend more time on what matters most - quality patient care. Because the system integrates with other technologies (such as wireless phones and pagers), staff can work more efficiently and effectively.  

Da Vinci Surgical System

Iowa Methodist Medical Center was the first hospital in Iowa to upgrade to this technology and offer this surgical equipment option. Da Vinci Surgical System, an enhanced robotic-assisted surgery, offers patients shorter hospital stays, less pain, less risk of infection, less blood loss and transfusions, less scarring and faster recovery.

SILST :: Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery

This device, the first-of-its-kind, replaces the multiple ports currently utilized in minimally-invasive surgery. The SILST device allows an entire procedure to be performed through one incision within the belly button. SILST surgeries can span across multiple surgical specialties such as pediatric, general, gynecologic, bariatric and urology.


"RapidArc is the most advanced radiation therapy available for cancer patients," said Dr. Isaak. "By rotating at a continuous 360-degree arc around patients, RapidArc is able to target the tumor with greater precision and accuracy while reducing radiation exposure and treatment time-from 20 minutes to two minutes." RapidArc causes fewer side effects by sparing normal tissue, and shorter procedure times result in more flexible scheduling options for patients and physicians. John Stoddard is the first cancer center in Iowa to use RapidArc.

O-arm® Imaging System

Iowa Methodist  Surgery Department utilizes the O-arm® Imaging System for spinal surgery cases. It provides surgeons with real-time, 3-D images, as well as multi-plane, 2-D and fluoroscopic imaging. Using these images, surgeons can view the patient anatomy in the operative position, monitor the status of the surgery, and verify the surgical changes with a 3D volumetric image prior to the patient leaving the surgical suite.

Siemens MAGNETOM Verio 3T MRI

Iowa Methodist operates the MAGNETOM Verio MRI. This MRI is designed for maximum patient comfort while delivering highly-detailed images. The extra-large opening gives patients one foot of spacious headroom, is wide enough to accommodate patients that have traditionally been hard to image and is excellent for those who are claustrophobic. The Verio's 3 Tesla magnet is the strongest magnet strength used clinically today, delivering highly-detailed images to give physicians the information they need to make a confident diagnosis

Angiography Equipment

Interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons at Iowa Methodist utilize the most advanced angiography equipment currently available. The Artis zeego Multi-axis System and Siemens Artis zee® Biplane System are used by physicians to complete complicated endovascular procedures. The Artis zeego offers exceptional flexibility through its robotic-assisted positioning that enables 3-D visualization of larger sections of anatomy. The Artis zee's innovative technology has two advanced X-ray detectors, called flat-panel detectors, that provide detailed 3-D views of small blood vessels and soft tissue, without the distortion common with conventional X-ray techniques.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT)

The PET/CT is a combination of two imaging technologies to provide a more complete picture of cancer in the body.

Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)

During this process-which is used on tumor locations that can often change, such as prostate cancer-radiation oncologists determine the exact location of the patient's tumor before each treatment by comparing CT scans.

High-Dose Rate Brachytherapy (HDR)

With HDR brachytherapy, radiation oncologists are able to treat prostate, gynecological, lung, head and neck cancers from the inside out. HDR brachytherapy for breast cancer known as MammoSite® -the only treatment of its kind in central Iowa-is also highly effective.

Respiratory Gaiting

When tumors move due to activities, like breathing, they can move out of range of the radiation beams. With respiratory gaiting, the radiation will turn off when the tumor is out of range.

Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

IMRT is a form of radiation therapy in which the radiation beams are shaped to fit the exact location, size and shape of the tumor and spare surrounding healthy tissues. Additionally, the Stoddard Cancer Center is one of the first facilities in the country to use rapid arc IMRT, a new way of conducting a very precise form of IMRT by making the machine arc around the patient while in operation.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)

The Stoddard Cancer Center was the first facility to offer SRS in Central Iowa. SRS offers sub-millimeter accuracy in cancer treatments.