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Blank Children's Hospital

Why Choose a Children's Hospital

Kids are unique and special. While there are thousands of hospitals in America, only about 250 care exclusively for children. Many hospitals can treat diseases and conditions in children, but a children's hospital treats the whole child.

Children are not small adults. They have different physical, developmental and emotional needs that require the care of specialists trained in pediatrics. At Blank Children's Hospital, we cater to children in a manner that is unique to them and their needs - from using medical equipment made for children and special menus that children like to helping children feel more relaxed and providing activities that help the children actually have fun in the hospital.

There are hundreds of ways that we deliver this special type of care - every day. Here are some examples of that in action:

  • Child Life staff help children better understand and cope with the hospital experience, and help children build confidence to face their medical challenges.
  • Pet therapy to reduce stress and motivate the healing process.
  • Play rooms throughout the hospital so kids can be kids.
  • School room to keep children active in education while in the hospital.
  • Private, spacious inpatient rooms, which comfortably accommodate overnight stays by a family member.
  • Special menus and room service so kids can eat what they want, when they want it.